10 Features Worth the Upgrade

Cheddar Up is committed to providing robust group management tools that add value to your organization without adding cost. So, pinky promise: Our basic plan will always be free.

So why (or when) upgrade? As your group, organization, or business grows, so do your finances and needs — and we provide more advanced features to meet them. Here’s a look at the additional plans we offer, and some key premium features that make a difference. 

Cheddar Up Plans


$0 Forever

Collect payments + forms and track everything automatically


  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Getting started and learning how you’ll use the platform


$10/month on annual plan

PLUS unlimited items and forms, access to e-commerce tools


  • Product sales
  • Small groups with only one leader/organizer



$30/month on annual plan

PLUS enhanced, granular reporting and unlimited account managers


  • Large groups
  • Multiple leaders/organizers
  • Schools and PTAs
  • Associations
  • Regularly-scheduled payments
  • Frequent programming

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Premium Features You’ll Love

1. Unlimited items and forms

Our free plan offers up to five items and one form per collection. Upgrade, and your offerings are truly endless. Think: Being able to offer a registration form and a permission slip in one transaction — which keeps all an individual’s relevant information in one tidy window. If you’re selling products, being able to offer more than five items may be a no-brainer. Plus, you also get …

2. E-check payments

Offering a variety of payment options increases convenience for your payers, which can help increase — and expedite — money received. In addition to credit card payments, our paid plans allow you to offer payments via e-check. The key benefit? Lower fees, as low as $0.59 flat. We know the term “fees” alone is off-putting, so here’s a simple breakdown:

What are fees for a

$5 PTA Membership?


if paying by Credit Card (basic plan)


if paying by Credit Card (PRO and TEAM plans)


if paying by eCheck (PRO plan)


if paying by eCheck (TEAM plan)

What are fees for a

$100 HOA monthly payment?


if paying by Credit Card (basic plan)


if paying by Credit Card (PRO and TEAM plans)


if paying by eCheck (PRO plan)


if paying by eCheck (TEAM plan)

Every organization is unique, but in general, we recommend an echeck option if you’re accepting a high volume and high frequency of payments annually. Remember: A zero-fee process means accepting and reporting cash/check manually, so the most important consideration is how much your time is worth. 

A major perk of Cheddar Up is flexibility in both payments and fees. We offer multiple options, including being able to decide whether payers or the organization takes on the fee.

3. Account-wide reporting for your group’s entire Cheddar Up history

A total game-changer for organizations with mandatory reporting. You can pull up a printable financial summary — of your organization’s entire Cheddar Up history or a specified period — in just a few clicks. Our Team plan offers our most comprehensive reporting dashboard.

4. Ticketing — TEAM

With Cheddar Up’s ticketing feature, you can sell digital tickets to your next big event in mere minutes. Plus, you’ll get to ditch those pesky paper tickets and make event check-in a breeze!

5. Multiple account managers with specified permissions

This is a boon if you have an organizing team. You can add and remove managers without sharing or changing any login info. We see two primary benefits to this feature: 1) Everyone on your board can access the Cheddar Up tools, whether or not they are collecting money or managing an event. 2) Officer teams can easily onboard new members and/or reassign permissions as needed.

6. Custom URL featuring all your active collections — TEAM

A group page is available only on the Team plan, and we think every group should have one! It acts as your go-to webpage: Instead of sharing a separate URL for every collection you create, you can consolidate them into one page with one URL, and any visitors can see open fundraisers, upcoming events, and more. An excellent feature for schools — we love this example!

Shipping Labels

7. Recurring payments — TEAM

If you accept regularly-scheduled payments, this feature automates them — and helps eliminate some follow up. The collection manager sets the date and frequency.

8. Item variations

Meet Cheddar Up’s professional organizer. Say you are selling T-shirts: With item variations, you can create just one item to house all available sizes vs. creating a separate item for every size. This feature tidies up your collections to make it easier for payers to find what they’re looking for — and for you to set up and track.

9. Item waitlists — TEAM

Ever had a hot-ticket item sell out faster than you can say “Cheddar Up”? Worry not! Ouritem waitlist feature means your community never has to miss out on what you’re offering. Now they can put their name down and be the first to know when more become available.

10. Zapier integration — TEAM

If you’re into automating the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture, you’re going to love our Zapier integration. Seamlessly connect Cheddar Up to other apps and let the automations roll! Whether it’s pushing data to your CRM or triggering a welcome email, we’ve got you covered.

Need more than 10 reasons to make the switch?  Here are a few more features that are exclusive to our premium plans:

Create discount codes, as well as access codes that allow only a select group of people to view your collection.

Collect shipping information and print shipping labels directly from the Cheddar Up dashboard.

Our visitor reporting feature requires all page visitors to enter their name and email address to gain access.

Automatic open and close dates for collections so you can create a batch of collections ahead of time, and/or prevent sales coming in post-deadline.

Go For It

Upgrading is quick, easy, and extra-efficient. Simply click the plan you want, then login to your account.

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Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

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