Cheddar Up Team Plan

The Cheddar Up Team Plan is ideal for any group that needs to collect for multiple events and fundraisers, has a team of volunteers, or is interested in our lowest-fee payment methods.


Team subscribers raise over 4.4x than users on the Basic plan

Collaborate and track payments across all
of your collections

Seamlessly manage multiple events and fundraisers throughout the year with a single landing page, account-wide reporting, enhanced permission setting, and our lowest fees on our Team Plan.

  • Custom group landing page
  • Account-wide reporting
  • Individual accounts and permissions for multiple managers
  • Recurring payments
  • Payments by eCheck with the lowest fees

Cheddar Up Team Plan Features

Whether you’re a long-time power user or new to Cheddar Up, our Team features are easy to get up and running.

One-Stop Shop

A landing page for your group

Create a single landing page where your community can access all of the fundraisers, spirit store, events, and registrations your group organizes throughout the year. Create section headers to keep your page organized and add a logo, tagline, and social profiles to make it your own.

Account-wide reporting

Gain account-wide data and insights

Your account-wide dashboard looks across all your Cheddar Up collections to unlock key insights such as total collected, total payers, top payers, top collections and more, across any time period.

Run and save custom reports

Want to see all payments across only three of your more than 25 collections, excluding refunds? Our Report Center’s robust reporting and filtering puts this, and almost anything, at your fingertips in seconds. And once you create it, you can save it to reference anytime in the future.

Review comprehensive payer activity

The ability to view payer activity across all collections is a gamechanger. Easily identify your biggest donors across different time periods.

More payment options

Add the lowest-cost payment option

Paying on Cheddar Up is always easy. Why not make it even easier? On the Team plan, you can give your community lower credit card fees PLUS an additional payment method, eCheck — an ACH debit for a flat $0.59 (that’s less than the price of a stamp!).


Invite managers and assign permissions

Invite others to your Cheddar Up account so they can help create or manage collections (you determine which collections they can access). Once they accept your invitation, they’ll have their own secure login credentials.

Limit financial access

While managers can create, edit and manage collections, they cannot see any financial institution information nor initiate any withdrawals.

Send email confirmations to managers

Make a manager the key point of contact for a specific collection so they can receive payment confirmation emails and other relevant communications.

Recurring Payments

Give your community flexible payment plans

If you’re collecting for something that requires multiple payments over a period of time, then recurring payments is for you. Whether it’s for tuition, dues, sports fees, or donations, recurring payments will save your community time and ensure you get paid on-time and in-full.

You set up the payment plan, including amount, frequency, and start and end dates. Your payers commit once and pick their plan, and the remaining payments happen automatically behind the scenes!

Event ticket management

Creating Tickets

With Cheddar Up’s ticketing feature, crafting the perfect entry pass is just a few clicks away. Customize tickets for any event, whether it’s a gala, workshop, or school carnival. You can add detailed descriptions, set prices, and even include images to make each ticket clear and appealing.

Managing Tickets

Stay on top of your event with Cheddar Up’s intuitive ticket management system. Track sales in real-time, view attendee lists, and access detailed reports that make organization a breeze.

Scanning Tickets

On the day of the event, Cheddar Up keeps things moving smoothly with quick and easy ticket scanning via our mobile app. Each ticket has a unique QR code that can be scanned directly from a smartphone, validating tickets in seconds and preventing any bottlenecks at the door.


Do your items or activities sell out quickly?  Allow interested payers to sign up on a waitlist and you can notify them when more become available. This not only maximizes your sales/fundraising potential but also enhances satisfaction by keeping them in the loop and ensuring they don’t miss out on their coveted items or events.

Zapier Integration

Cheddar Up’s integration with Zapier opens a world of automation, connecting your collections to over 3,000 apps and services. Sync your Cheddar Up data with your favorite tools and automate the mundane tasks. Whether it’s adding new contacts to your email list, organizing event attendees into spreadsheets, or triggering custom notifications, our Zapier integration makes it possible with minimal effort.

Cheddar Up is trusted by 100,000+ groups and non-profits including

The excellent reporting details are another reason why we chose Cheddar Up. Easy access to full sales details allows us to easily keep track of where the money is coming from. Cheddar up has been a life saver for this CubScout Pack.

Eric Brown

Committee Chair, Pack 180 Holden, MA

Thrilled that Cheddar Up exists. We use it for events, sponsorships and annual giving…and I’m confident it will serve any future collecting we can dream up. It’s also a beautiful paying experience for our community.

Deb Finan

Volunteer, Needham Broughton Capital Foundation

Cheddar Up saved our volunteers so much time. Not only was the administration of our event easier, but having access to instant data and information—at our fingertips—was something volunteers weren’t used to and loved.

Christina Hidek

PTO Volunteer, Greenview Upper Elementary

Average 4.8 stars from over 2k ratings on iOS

Try the Cheddar Up Team Plan

All Basic and Pro Plan features, plus:
  • Multiple managers
  • Account-wide reporting
  • Recurring payments
  • Offer lowest-fee eCheck payment
  • Custom group landing page
  • Lower credit card fees
  • Ticketing
  • Waitlists
  • Integrations

$30 /monthly
billed annually

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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