Cheddar Up Team Plan

A simple and intuitive way to move collecting online for your organization

The plan for schools, teams and associations

The Cheddar Up TEAM Plan was created for power users who need more advanced features. Want multiple people to help manage collections? Need account-wide reporting? Tired of juggling different URLs for all your collections? Then the Cheddar Up TEAM Plan is for you.

Group Page

Share one link and payers can browse all of your collections at once.
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Assign managers to each of your collections while limiting financial access.
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Account-wide Reporting

Access a global summary with detail across all of your collections.
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Recurring Payments

Automate recurring payments and make everyone’s life easier.
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Group Page

A landing page with multiple collections
Say goodbye to multiple URLs! The Group Page is a landing page that you customize for your group. It serves as a one-stop location for your community to find upcoming or relevant collections. Learn More
Group Page Cheddar Up


Assign managers to specific collections
Give people in your organization access to the information they need…whenever they need it. The Cheddar Up TEAM Plan allows you to add managers so others can help manage collections.

Limit financial access
Managers can create and edit collections and view summaries without the ability to see or access any financial information or funds.

Designate a point of contact
Decide who receives notifications and designate a point of contact for each of your collections.

Account-Wide Reporting

Reconciliation has never been so easy
The Cheddar Up TEAM Plan puts everything across your entire Cheddar Up account at your fingertips with robust account-wide reporting. In one click, see all collections, payments, fees and withdrawals. Easily reference your entire collecting history offline.

Recurring Payments

Dependable and automatic payments
Give your payers the convenience of automatic payments, and ensure you get paid in full and on time.

The Cheddar Up TEAM Plan lets payers commit once and the rest of the payments happen automatically behind the scenes. Or let them pay for something over a period of time with installment payments.

No matter your need…rent, tuition, dues, sports fees, donations…our automatic payments are flexible and will work for you.

The Cheddar Up TEAM Plan helps you up your collecting game

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Give your team access to data and your payers a Group Page.
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Sell more with unlimited items, discount codes, set timing and more.

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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