Collect Payments: Group Gifting

Group gifting made easy

Simplify the way you gather funds for group gifts. Whether it’s for a coworker’s retirement or a friend’s wedding, Cheddar Up makes group gifting easy and efficient for everyone to contribute.


Flexible Contribution Options

Flexible Contribution Options

Allow contributions of any amount

You can leave the contribution amounts open or set suggested levels to guide donors, making the process inclusive and accommodating.

Direct Gift Card Sending

Direct Gift Card Sending

Send a gift card through Cheddar Up

Streamline your gift-giving with the option to send a gift card directly to your recipient! Once the goal is reached, you can send a gift card link. Recipients can use the link and choose  from hundreds of gift cards, ensuring they love their gift and saving you a trip to the store. 

“collect school payments”

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer flexibility with multiple payment options

Whether it’s credit, debit, or e-check, everyone can choose the option that works best for them. And the kicker is they don’t even need to create an account to pay!

Contributor Visibility

Contributor Visibility

Discover who’s contributed to the group gift

You can choose to show a list of all contributors on your collection, fostering a sense of collective celebration. This enhances the transparency and makes it effortless to acknowledge each person’s contribution.

Messaging and Reminders

Messaging and Reminders

Keep everyone updated with messages and reminders

Use messaging features to send updates, reminders, or thank you notes to contributors. Keep the communication clear and consistent to ensure everyone is informed throughout the collection process.

Make collecting for group gifts a joyous occasion for everyone involved!

Cheddar Up is great for family birthday presents!!

It was really easy and quick to create, send and receive funds.

– James K

Learn what you can do with Cheddar Up

Collect info alongside payment or standalone

Keep your group informed with our messaging tools

Always-there data and tools to make managing easy

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

Learn more about paying on Cheddar Up

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