Collect Payments: Mobile Apps

Download our group payment and fundraising apps

Our group payment and fundraising apps help you create and manage collections on the go. Receive real-time updates and accept in-person payments with ease — for free.


Apps for Group Organizers

Apps for Group Organizers

Accept and manage payments anytime, anywhere

Cheddar Up’s apps were designed solely for group organizers. Your community never needs to download our app to pay. Organizers can use our apps to create and manage collections on-the-go:
  • Receive payment notifications
  • Initiate withdrawals
  • Accept in-person payments
  • Adjust inventory levels
  • Generate a volunteer POS code
  • Create collections
  • Edit or adjust collection settings
  • Share your collection
  • And more…



Stay connected with mobile app alerts

Get real-time updates on new orders, donations, sign ups, registrations…the sky’s the limit! Whatever you’re collecting, we’ll send you mobile alerts on any activity so you’re always in the know.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Accept POS payments with our mobile app and card reader

Our mobile fundraising apps and sleek Bluetooth card readers let you accept in-person payments with ease. Accept any card with a tap, dip, or swipe (or skip the hardware and use Tap on Mobile). Even accept Apple Pay and Google Pay! Our POS keeps all your online and in-person sales and reporting in one spot. 

Event QR Code

Event QR Code

Let volunteers easily accept POS payments

Volunteers helping at your event? Simply share an auto-generated Event QR Code with your volunteers and they can start taking payments immediately without needing full access to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cheddar Up app free?
Yes. The mobile app is and always will be free.
Where can I download the Cheddar Up app?
If you own an iOS (Apple) device, you can download the Cheddar Up app at the iOS app store. If you own an Android device, you can download it at the Google Play store.  
Do my payers need to download the mobile app to make a payment?
Nope! In fact, your payers should NOT download the Cheddar Up mobile app to make a payment. The Cheddar Up mobile apps were created solely for group organizers (or volunteers supporting group organizers) to create and manage their collections. We have very intentionally made sure that your community’s paying experience can happen all within their mobile web browser — without any need for a mobile app! 
Can I use an old card reader that I already own?
No. Our mobile apps are programmed to work only with the Cheddar Up Bluetooth card reader. But the good news is that we make these card readers available to you at our wholesale cost (see next question!).
How much does the Cheddar Up Bluetooth card reader cost?
You can access our high-functioning, robust Bluetooth card reader for only $79. Learn more about our card reader and point-of-sale functionality.
Can I manually enter card information when accepting point-of-sale payments?
Yes! You can use our point-of-sale functionality by manually entering credit card reader information, scanning cards (if embossed), or with our Bluetooth card readers. You can even use our point-of-sale functionality to accept and track cash payments.

Pro Tip: While we offer all these point-of-sale methods, we have found that for busy checkouts, our card readers really do keep the lines moving!

Can I do everything on the mobile app that I can do on the Cheddar Up website?
While our mobile fundraising apps have loads of functionality, not every single feature is available there. For example, features such as the ability to add managers to your account, create collections with recurring payments, or add waivers or sign ups to a collection are not possible within our mobile app. While our mobile apps are amazing, we find that some of our most robust functionality, typically used to create more sophisticated collections, is best leveraged on our full-featured website
Use the Cheddar Up app, to stay on top of things even when you‘re on the go.

Staff hated having to collect money and make change for payees before an event. Cheddar Up helps us eliminate that struggle and just enjoy the events.

Cheri Pearson, IDVA Community Engagement Specialist

Learn what you can do with Cheddar Up

Collect info alongside payment or standalone

Keep your group informed with our messaging tools

Always-there data and tools to make managing easy

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

Learn more about paying on Cheddar Up

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