Collect payments for your group in minutes

Our features make it easy to collect payments and information for just about anything your group can dream up.

Features for your group

Create a page that does what you want

Whether creating an online store, collecting for membership or events, or planning a fundraiser, Cheddar Up’s flexibility will meet your needs and help you collect payments for groups. See how Cheddar Up works 

Add Images and Descriptions

Customize your collection page with a banner, item images and descriptions

Create Items and Categories

Add unlimited items (and item variations), with optional categories to help organize your page

Collect Information

Add questions, forms and waivers to easily collect related information alongside payment

Customize Settings

Pick from a slew of custom settings to make your page function the way you want

Make payments easier for your group

First time moving online? Switching from another platform? Rest assured your community will make the transition. It’s that easy.

One-Click Payment

Give your community friction-free online payments, no account or app needed

Multiple Payment Methods

Let people choose how they want to pay...via credit card, echeck or cash/check


Option to also accept in-person payments with our mobile app and Bluetooth card reader

Recurring Payments

Offer the option of automatic, recurring payments—great for installments or monthly fees

Share and communicate
with your group

Sharing your collection page is easy. You can share your unique link virtually anywhere and send receipts, messages and reminders. Learn more

Share Via Link or Invite

Share your collection page with a customizable URL, QR code or email invite

Message Your Group

Send follow-up messages to payers and visitors right from the platform

Send Reminders

Automatic and one-click email reminders to ensure payments are on time

Customize E-mail Receipts

Payers receive a detailed email receipt that you can customize

Save time with online tracking and withdrawals

Focus on more value-add activities while we handle the tracking and reporting. Plus, when you collect payments for groups, our always-there collecting history makes handoff a breeze.

Automatic Tracking

All payments and information are tracked dynamically so you can skip the busy work

Downloadable Reports

Excel and pdf reports allow you to sort data, print forms and access reporting offline

Online Reporting and Withdrawals

Withdrawals and drill-down reporting is available online or via our mobile apps

Account-Wide Reporting

Access an account-wide report with aggregated data across all of your collection pages

Sell anything with ecommerce add-ons

Whether you’re collecting camp registrations, selling physical products or promoting a master class, we have the ecommerce features you need to streamline how you collect payments for groups.

Shipping at Check-Out

Collect shipping information and fees at checkout with an option for free local pickup

Track Inventory

Limit item quantities and we will track inventory as items are purchased

Purchase Shipping Labels

Save time by purchasing and printing shipping labels right from Cheddar Up

Create Item Variations

Add item variations to sell and track multiple item sizes, colors, etc.

Give discounts and control access

Turn on these valuable bells and whistles that give you more control when you collect payments for groups, helping you create value and exclusivity among your community.

Create Discount Codes

Create codes to share with your community with a %-off or dollar-off discount

Require an Entry Code

Keep your collection page exclusive by requiring an entry code to access it

Set Start and End Times

Make your collection page visible within a set timeframe by giving it a start and end time

Generate a Visitor Report

Gather the names and emails of people who visit your page so you can follow up

Invite others to help manage

Have others who are involved in your group’s activities? Share the fun and create more transparency by adding them as a manager.

Add Managers

Add managers who can access your account with their own unique login credentials

Set Permissions

Decide each manager’s role in helping you collect payments for groups — set permissions to control what they can do and access

Keep Funds Secure

Rest assured managers can never withdraw funds or see bank account information

Put collections in one spot with a Group Page

Give your community a “home base”— a single landing page where they can always find your latest collection pages. Your Group Page will truly innovate how you collect payments for groups.

One-Stop Shop

Create a custom landing page where you can feature any and all relevant collection pages

Give It Some Flair

Make it recognizable to your group with a logo, description and other relevant links

Configure Your Group Page

Decide and prioritize which collections to feature and organize them with categories

Learn what you can do with Cheddar Up

Collect info alongside payment or standalone

Keep your group informed with our messaging tools

Always-there data and tools to make managing easy

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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