Cheddar Up Pro Plan

Save time and sell online with these PRO Features

The Cheddar Up PRO Plan is for sellers and organizers who need to do more. Our Cheddar Up PRO Plan comes with no limits and has features that create mad momentum while offering easy, elegant checkout options.

Unlimited items and forms per collection

Set timing with countdown clock

Item quantity tracking with “Sold Out”

VIP access codes

  Multiple images per item

Discount codes

Built-in shipping and mailing labels

Built-in item libraries for our partners

Visitor Reports—grow your list!

Item variations with inventory control

Set Timing
Step away from the screen
Add a start and end time for complete control over when people can access your collection.

Create mad momentum
Prior to its start time, visitors will see a snazzy countdown timer…counting down the seconds until they can sneak a peek.

Access and Discount Codes

Add an access code for exclusivity
With the Cheddar Up PRO Plan, you can put your collection behind a password of your choosing. Visitors must enter your access code to view your online sale. This is a great way to give VIPs early access or to keep your sale private.

Who doesn’t love a discount code!?
Spread cheer and customer loyalty by providing a discount code to be used at checkout. You can offer percentage or dollar-amount discounts based on order size…even give away a free item!

Visitor Reporting

Grow your marketing list
Now you can see who visited but left without making a purchase. Our Visitor Report allows you to gather the names and emails of everyone who views your online sale (not just those who pay). This is a great way to grow your marketing list or follow up to close a sale!

Built-in Shipping

Instant time saver
The Cheddar Up PRO Plan allows you to give customers the option to have something shipped. This can be customized based on your unique needs. Encourage customers to buy more by offering free shipping for a minimum order size, or waive shipping fees altogether for those who prefer local pickup.

Collect money online with the Cheddar Up PRO Plan

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Make your life easier and collect money online for free.

Perfect for sellers
Per month with
annual plan
Sell more with unlimited items, discount codes, set timing and more.
Per month with
annual plan
Give your team access to data and your payers a Group Page.

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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