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Cheddar Up makes life easier for collectors and payers
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Who uses Cheddar Up?
Create, Track, and Collect!
Collect for events, t-shirts, donations — anything!
Customize with image
Add custom forms
Accept credit card, e-check, cash, or check
Withdraw to a bank account for free
Payer tracking with drill-down detail
Export to a spreadsheet
Send messages and automatic reminders
Built with features just for YOU.
  • For Collectors
  • Create custom payment pages on the fly
  • Custom forms to go with your tabs
  • Track online and offline payments
  • Option to pass fees to payers
  • Payment tracking with spreadsheet export
  • Deposit to bank account
  • Save history for easy handoff and oversight
  • Need more? We've got it!
  • For Payers
  • FREE cash or check payments
  • Low credit card fees
  • Flat rate e-check options (less than a stamp!)
  • Secure checkout
  • Pay in three clicks
  • Stored payment information
  • Pay from your smart phone
  • Say goodbye to paper forms and checkbooks