Whether it’s for your school, PTA, sports team, HOA or club…there are so many reasons to rethink how you collect membership dues and fees. Setting up an online system for collecting dues and fees can help you manage the rush of payments.
Why collecting membership dues online is the way to go
Times…they are a-changing. Even the most well-oiled processes can use some innovation to ensure that your community can contribute and re-up for another year with ease. A system automated by the cloud is hard to beat. It’s also:


More convenient

Less people carry cash and check—an online option helps bring money in on time.


You don’t have to spend hours fetching payments or bookkeeping, and payers can pay as soon as they receive the URL.


For one, an online payment system offers a simple action flow, meaning that payers receive payment information on their devices, then automatically pay from their devices—it eliminates steps in between. Two, it can provide more clarity about the intention of each payment. (Think: No more blank memo lines on checks.)

Less cumbersome

Toss that thick three-ring binder! That is, unless you just really love it—but you won’t need it for your tracking system. Online payment collection saves you piles of paper and shelf space, which can save your sanity too.

Anytime, anywhere

Remove logistical or scheduling conflicts of collecting money.

“I’ve been using Cheddar Up to collect for dues and chapter retreats for several years—it’s a wildly more efficient way to collect from our members…and they love the convenience.”


Taylor Engel, Chapter Administrator, YPO Gold Austin
How Cheddar Up maximizes collecting membership dues online
In addition to the general benefits of going virtual, Cheddar Up’s unique features can make the online experience even more seamless. Our platform offers:


“I love the ability to collect information alongside payments. I also really like the option to collect recurring payments. It’s very convenient!”


Kelly Hartman, Founder, Boss Ladies Referral Crew

Forms connected to specific payments

You can receive membership info at the same time without additional paperwork. You can even set required fields to prevent people from paying without completing the forms.

Friction-free payments

Robust tracking

Cheddar Up tracks and organizes everything into a tidy dashboard for you. Prefer a computer file? You can download that too. Our top-tier Annual Team Plan also provides a comprehensive summary of your entire Cheddar Up financial history.

Recurring payments

Does your organization collect membership dues on a schedule? Easily set-and-forget (or rather, occasionally check to make sure no payments snag) with the Team Plan
5 Tips for setting up your Cheddar Up collection
The process is simple—just click that “Get started” button at the top right of your browser and follow the prompts. For extra help, visit our video library.

Here are a few pointers for collecting membership dues or fees:

1. Make your necessary payments and information required so members can’t accidentally skip over those.

2. Adding a detailed description for each fee item can eliminate any confusion about what the fee covers.

3. If the payer is different from the participant—for instance, a parent paying for a student’s school fee—you may want to create a required item question for the child’s name and teacher. If not, the payment will be logged under the payer’s name, adding a step for you to determine the associated student. If you want to collect more extensive information, you may want to create a form.

3. You can choose to collect cash and check too.

4. Sharing your unique URL may be the most important step! It’s the No.1 way to access the collection. You choose how to share it. Email, Text, QR Code—up to you!

5. Sell spirit wear at the same time! Here’s a great example collection >

Get inspired with these example collections

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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