Collect payment + waivers

Cheddar Up makes moving both payments and forms online a breeze. And part of that means offering FREE customizable waivers. 

From troop activity waivers to PTA parent permission slips to marching band travel forms, the ways to move your waiver online are truly endless:

  • Troop Activity Waiver
  • PTA Student Participation Form
  • Sales Terms and Conditions
  • HOA Variance Request
  • Sports Liability Waiver
  • Photo Release Waiver… the list goes on.

How to collect a waiver online

When creating your collection, go to the Forms step where you’ll see the ”Add Waiver“ option.

Click “Add Waiver”

You’ll be prompted to give your waiver a name and then add the content for your waiver. Once you paste or type in your waiver content, you can use the formatting features to add line breaks, bold or italicize text to add attention, etc.

Click “Save Waiver”

Whenever you add a waiver to your collection page, an e-signature, along with the signer’s first name, last name and date will be required.

Preview your waiver

Click “Preview” in the upper right-hand of your builder to admire your handiwork. (Get excited! You’re going to collect a waiver online in no time.) Want to see a waiver in action? Check out this example

Want to use the waiver even if you’re not collecting any money?

You can do that.

If you only need to collect a waiver online (information and/or signatures), simply give your collection a name and then skip right to the Forms step where you can add a waiver. Cheddar Up can help you collect payments and forms…just payments…or just forms. You decide! Below is an example of what an online collection might look like if you are just looking to collect a waiver online.

Get the most from Cheddar Up

The best part of waivers? Waivers are FREE! You can add up to one form or waiver to your collection on our Basic plan. Need more? Check out our upgraded plans that are limitless!

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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