Create an Online Waiver Form – Free

Create an Online Waiver Form

Cheddar Up provides groups and organizations a simple way to collect money and forms together online. You can create an online waiver form to include in a collection accepting payments, or as a standalone form.

With Cheddar Up’s free online waiver signing tool, you can create:
  • Parent permission slips
  • Marching band travel forms
  • Troop activity waivers
  • PTA student participation forms
  • Sales terms and conditions
  • HOA variance requests
  • Sports liability waivers
  • Photo release waivers
  • Whatever you need!

“For our High School’s Grad Night, I needed to collect the student’s name, address, email, cell phone number, t-shirt size, emergency contacts, medical conditions, and the name of who they wanted to sit beside on the bus…in addition to a signed waiver.

With Cheddar Up, the parent was able to provide all of this on the spot along with payment.”

Gloria Halfacre, PTSA Leader, Los Angeles, CA

How to collect a waiver online

In the Cheddar Up collection builder, you’ll find waivers in the “Build” section on the top navigation and the “Forms” step on the left navigation menu.

1. Click “Add Form”
Then click “Waiver” in the dropdown menu. A pop-up window will ask for the waiver name and text. You can use the formatting toolbar to bold or italicize important text or add URLs.
collect waiver online free
2. Click “Save Waiver”
Saving the waiver automatically generates required fields for first name, last name, date, and e-signature.
3. Preview your waiver

Click “Preview” on the top navigation menu to admire your handiwork. This is how your viewers will see the page. (If you are also collecting payments, you’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the collection page to click “Continue to forms and checkout”.)

4. View responses
All collected signatures will be saved automatically under the “Manage” view of the collection builder. To see them, click “Forms”, then “Responses”. You may choose to print each form, or thanks to our mobile app, you can access the signed forms digitally on the go. (Here’s a video to help!)

Love this free waiver creator?

That’s not the only type of form we offer! Click to see the different ways you can collect information on Cheddar Up.

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Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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