You asked for more reporting.
We took action.

Ensuring that users can track and pull reporting on their group’s collecting has always been a high priority for Cheddar Up. But after continually hearing users’ desires for more response-related data as well as more account-wide insights, we dug in. As a result, enhanced Cheddar Up reporting has been a major focus for the our Product Team in 2021.

To be honest, it was no small feat! Our users’ needs and uses vary widely, so designing Cheddar Up reporting features that add value to the variety of different collection designs and data took some time. We’re delighted to share the results of two major new Cheddar Up reporting feature suites now available.

Response Reporting

On a collection-by-collection basis, you can now drill down into the responses of any item questions and/or form questions—right on the Cheddar Up website. (That’s right, no advanced Excel skills required here!)

To access these new Cheddar Up reporting features, simply click on any collection that has item or form questions. From the “Manage” view, click on the “Items” or “Forms” table and start filtering depending on what you want to see. Select your item or form, then determine whether you want to view response data “by payer” or “by question”. Then instantaneously, you’ll have detailed response data at your fingertips.

Case in point: Let’s say you’ve used Cheddar Up for your spirit wear sale. Once your sale ends, you need to know your quantities of each size. Now that information is readily available!


When you use multiple choice or checkbox question types, your response reporting will include a snazzy summarizing chart—perfect for tracking per-student totals for fundraising, T-shirt sizes and more.

Features in Cheddar Up’s new response reporting include:

  • Detailed response reporting without ever downloading a spreadsheet 
  • Response data viewable both “by question” or “by payer” 
  • At-a-glance charts summarizing response data alongside payment totals—great for per-person fundraising, size totals, etc.
  • Downloadable response reports based on your selected filters

Learn more with this step-by-step article within our Knowledge Center. Or see it in action:

Account-Wide Report Center

This is the newest Cheddar Up reporting suite, and we have to admit, we’re seriously crushing on it. Mainly because it’s so POWERFUL (and fast!). While this feature set is technically still in Beta (for the immediate time being), it’s an open beta, so you can dig in!

We’ve had account-wide reporting for our Team users for quite some time, but it has received a major (we repeat, MAJOR) facelift. The new account-wide report center is a Cheddar Up power user’s dream.

While this new report center is available to all Cheddar Up users, our Team users can put it to work best. Basic and Pro users can view one collection at a time. Team users have the ability to look at trends, data and detail across ALL or specific collections.

Have a customized report that you created and want to refer back to? Team users have the option to save a custom filtered report which dynamically updates with new inputs.

Features you can look for in Cheddar Up’s new account-wide report center include

  • Access an account-wide dashboard that highlights your “top” everything
  • View key data across one, many, or all of your collections—you decide!
  • Look at payer activity across all collections (highly requested!)
  • See all of your account’s withdrawals in one spot 
  • Filter data sets by designated or custom time periods 
  • Save your custom reports to refer back any time

Learn more about Cheddar Up’s report center overview dashboard in this article within our Knowledge Center. Or watch it here:

Looking to create custom reports? Read these articles about how to run and save reports and put our payer-level reporting to work for you. Or watch this video: 

What do you think?

The evolution of the Cheddar Up reporting features won’t stop here. We will continue to solicit user feedback and are committed to constant improvement. On that regard, have feedback? We’re all ears.

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