How to collect more PTA donations with a PTA payment system

Like many volunteer-run groups, you might not always think about changing how things are done. But when these old ways hurt your fundraising and participation, it’s important to consider new solutions. An online PTA payment system is simple to implement and takes just minutes to get started.

PTA Online Transition Starter Kit

Unlock your PTA’s potential with our free “PTA Online Transition Starter Kit.” This kit includes a step-by-step guide, a comprehensive checklist, and best practices from successful PTAs.

Benefits of moving to an online PTA payment system

Switching to an online payment system offers clear advantages for your PTA:

Increased Efficiency:

Set up quickly and manage everything — payments, forms, sign ups, mobile ticketing — from one platform. simplifying your processes and reducing the need for multiple tools.

Higher Donations:

Reach a wider audience easily. Share donation links through social media, emails, and websites to boost participation and contributions. Plus, using a credit card makes it easier to donate!

Time Savings:

 Eliminate manual tasks like data entry and cash handling. Automate payments and reporting to free up time for more impactful activities.

Enhanced Tracking and Reporting:

Get real-time insights into transactions, helping with clear financial oversight and event planning.

Increased Participant Engagement:

 Improve convenience for parents and community members, encouraging higher attendance and participation at events.

Cheddar Up Review

“We used Cheddar Up to collect for a district-wide event.  It saved our volunteers so much time! They didn’t have to run around picking up checks or worry about misplacing something. Not only was the administration of the event easier, but having access to instant data at our fingertips was something we weren’t used to, but we loved it!”

Christina Hidek, Greenview Upper Elementary PTA, South Euclid, Ohio

Challenges and Solutions: Making Your PTA Better with a PTA  Payment System

Sometimes, old ways of doing things can make it hard for your PTA to succeed. If you’re running into problems that stop your PTA from doing its best, it might be time to try something new. Here are some common problems PTAs face and how an online payment system can fix them:

Low Participation
Community Complaints
Trouble Tracking Payments
Concerns about Fraud or Stealing
Wasted Volunteer Time
Hard Handovers Year to Year
(Online Payment System)

No more paper forms. Make signing up and paying easier to get more people involved.

Use online payments so everyone can pay easily and quickly.

Keep track of all payments (even cash and check!) clearly and safely with automatic tools.

Stealing from the cash box is a real worry. Use safe, clear online transactions to lower risks.

Volunteers are hard to come by! Save their time by using automatic systems, letting volunteers do more important things.

Keep clear records online so new volunteers can pick up easily each year.

PTA Payment & Event Templates

From PTA membership forms to teacher wish list drives, we’ve got templates for all of your PTA payment and event needs.

How to get your PTA payment system started

Want Looking to learn more and create an online collection page for your PTA? Believe us when we say that moving to an online PTA payment system is easy. You can be online within the next 30 minutes. Here’s what to do:

Start by logging in or create your Cheddar Up account.

Start creating a collection (it’s free, so it’s zero commitment).

Need help along the way? Tap into our How-To Video Library. Be sure to check out this article highlighting 10 ways to move your PTA online, a great way to get started.

Missed our starter kit? It’s not too late to revolutionize your PTA’s fundraising efforts.

Ready to move to an online PTA payment system?

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Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

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