Collect Information: Questions & Forms

Collect information with custom form fields

Oftentimes, groups need to collect both payments and information. This is Cheddar Up’s speciality — allowing you to add custom form fields to your collection in many different ways.

Item Questions

Item Questions

Add custom form fields to your items

Item questions are like mini-forms added to specific items. Need to collect t-shirt size or contact information per registrant? These are great ways to use an item question. Choose from 10 item question field types that can be used with items!



Add custom form fields to your collection

Use a form to collect information related to each checkout. Choose from 13 custom form field types–plus formatting blocks! From drop-downs to e-signatures to file upload, our robust form builder will let you create any form you need.



View item question and form responses in multiple formats

You can view your question and form responses online, with charts and tables to help you put your data into action. Or, export your data so you can manipulate it as you wish.

PDF Form Report

PDF Form Report

Download a report of your completed forms

The forms you collect are important. That’s why we make your form data available in a spreadsheet export as well as an exportable pdf that shows each completed form in its entirety — great for going offline or archiving.

Payments and information go hand in hand — we‘ve got you covered on both.

Cheddar Up has improved our information gathering and fundraising experience on both sides. We love the easy to customize entry forms and the flexible payment options.

Steve Rowan, Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association

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Collect info alongside payment or standalone

Keep your group informed with our messaging tools

Always-there data and tools to make managing easy

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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