Sharp Ideas for End of School Year Activities

As the final bell of the school year approaches, PTO and PTA members everywhere are gearing up for those end of school year activities. But hey, no sweat! With Cheddar Up, you can turn that mile-long to-do list into a piece of cake, making those end-of-year celebrations not just memorable, but downright delightful. We’re all about making these moments sparkle and shine.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve pulled together some top picks of collections perfect for end-of-school-year activities.

Field Day Festivities

Field Day is like the Olympics of the school year, where every kid gets to unleash their inner athlete, cheerleader, or strategic mastermind. It’s that epic day filled with laughter, friendly competition, and loads of school spirit. This is the day when the community comes together to celebrate teamwork, fun, and, of course, those much-anticipated wins.

Kicking It Up a Notch:

Concessions Stand Collection:

Picture this — a concession stand so cool and organized it would make a food festival jealous. Pre-ordered goodies and vibrant graphics make grabbing a snack part of the fun.

Field Day T-Shirts:

Nothing says team spirit like a sea of tie-dyed shirts, each grade sporting their own color. It’s a colorful, creative twist that adds to the day’s excitement. And yes, there’s a template to make it even easier.

Fun Run:

Who knew a fun run could not only pump up the excitement but also raise funds like a boss? Fun Runs earn an average of $5,330! It’s a win-win: great for health, spirit, and the school’s wallet.

Photo Booth:

Set up a photo booth so kids can get pics with their friends!

How Cheddar Up Makes It All Easier:

Merch and Munchies Made Simple:

Pre-orders for T-shirts and food are a breeze with Cheddar Up. And for day-of sales? The platform’s got you covered with easy point-of-sale features.

Fundraising Without the Fuss:

Collecting for fun runs or any other fundraiser is straightforward, leaving you more time to focus on the fun parts.

QR Codes for Quick Contributions:

Pop up QR codes around the event, and boom — instant access for everyone to chip in for concessions or donations.

Volunteer Magic:

Keep things running smoothly with online volunteer sign-ups, making sure every game, booth, and activity is fully staffed.

Templates to Jumpstart Your Field Day:

Inspired by a PTO’s awesome concession stand and a PTA’s tie-dye adventure, we’ve got templates that lay out how to make your Field Day unforgettable. With a bit of creativity and Cheddar Up’s streamlined process, you’re all set for a day that’ll be talked about until the next school year.

Senior Grad Nite

Senior Grad Nite can be the perfect grand finale to high school — a single, unforgettable night that wraps up years of hard work and friendship. It’s not always about a week-long journey; sometimes, it’s about boarding a bus to a special destination for one epic night, creating those unforgettable stories, and sharing laughs that will be reminisced about for years. Organizing this iconic celebration is all about clear communication, efficient fundraising, and ensuring every senior has the chance to join in on the fun, making it an inclusive and memorable send-off for all.

Leveling Up the Trip Planning Game:

Cheddar Up takes the class trip experience to new heights. Imagine rolling out five different payment plan options. Yes, you read that right — five! This means that every student can find a plan that works for them, making sure no one has to miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime moments. It’s about inclusivity, making memories together, and ensuring everyone’s on board for the adventure.

Cheddar Up: The Ultimate Trip Command Center:

Think of Cheddar Up as your mission control for trip planning. From payment plans to permission slips, everything is handled in one place. It’s all about streamlining the process for parents and organizers, making sure you spend less time on paperwork and more on the fun stuff.

Innovate with Cheddar Up:

All-In-One Forms:

Whip up comprehensive registration forms on Cheddar Up. It’s about ditching the back-and-forth and gathering everything you need in one go.

Never Miss a Beat:

Automated reminders for payments or missing forms mean everyone’s kept in the loop, ensuring smooth preparations.

Memorable Merch:

Add a sprinkle of excitement with trip-themed merchandise. It’s a great way to fundraise and give everyone a keepsake from the trip.

Efficient and Fair:

Use set quantities and “sold out” notifications to manage sign-ups smoothly and keep things fair.

Deadlines Are Your Friends:

An auto collection end time on Cheddar Up keeps everyone on schedule and the planning on track.

Your Template for Success:

Dive into our template, inspired by senior class trips that have used Cheddar Up to effortlessly manage everything from payments to permissions. It’s your blueprint for making those senior trip dreams a reality, ensuring everyone’s included in the adventure.


Prom night is one of those favorite memories in a student’s life, right? It’s the highlight of the high school experience, a night filled with glitz, glamour, and unforgettable moments with friends. Well, guess what? We’re here to make sure organizing it is as smooth as running your hand over a polished dance floor.

Unique Takes on Prom Night:

Masquerade Ball:

Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? Encourage students to express themselves with masks. It’s fun and adds a secretive vibe to the night.

Glow Dance:

Picture this — black lights, neon everywhere, glow sticks waving in the air. It’s a dance party that turns the night into a vibrant light show. Plus, selling glow packages can be a neat little fundraiser.

Promposals Contest:

Amp up the excitement with a contest for the most creative way to ask someone to prom. It’s a great way to build community spirit and get everyone buzzing about the big night.

Here’s How Cheddar Up Makes Prom a Breeze:

Ticketing Magic:

Sell those tickets online and zap them right to students’ phones. At the door, just scan and go! Oh, and last-minute door sales? Totally doable.

Meal Management:

Got dinner plans? Handle special meal requests like a pro with custom forms.


 Boost after-prom ticket sales by bundling them with prom tickets. After-prom donations and volunteer sign-ups for the after-party? We’ve got you covered.

Ride in Style:

Book a bus for safe rides to prom and the after-party. Reserve seats through Cheddar Up and make sure everyone gets there and back safely.

Volunteer Sign Ups:

Need a hand? Use Cheddar Up for hassle-free volunteer sign-ups, from chaperones to snack providers.

Template to Get Started

We’ve got a killer template inspired by a high school PTO’s success story. It’s got options for single or couple tickets and nudges towards advance sales for better planning. Set an end date for sales and keep everything tight and right.

End of Year Class Gifts

Wrapping up the school year isn’t just about saying goodbye to homework and hello to summer. It’s a perfect time to give a big, warm thank you to the teachers and staff who’ve been the superheroes behind the scenes. These end-of-year class gifts are more than just presents; they’re a big hug of gratitude from the whole community.

Getting Creative with Gratitude

Wall of Thanks:

Ask students to write or draw notes of thanks or a favorite memory from the school year and display them in the corridor leading to the teachers lounge.

Teacher Wish Lists:

This brilliant twist lets teachers share what they’d love or need for their classrooms. It’s a win-win: gifts are both thoughtful and super useful, directly benefiting the educators and the next wave of students.

Cheddar Up to the Rescue:

Cheddar Up makes it super easy to gather contributions for teacher gifts. With a few clicks, parents can chip in and leave personal messages, making each gift special. The platform takes the hassle out of organizing, so room parents and PTO members can breathe easy and focus on what matters — showing appreciation.

How Cheddar Up Simplifies It

Cheddar Up streamlines the collection process by providing a platform where parents can easily contribute towards end-of-year teacher gifts. Custom forms allow for the collection of personal messages, adding a touch of individuality to each gift. The platform’s flexibility ensures that organizing and managing these collections is hassle-free for room parents and PTO members.

Templates to Kickstart Your Collection:

We’ve got a template inspired by an elementary school PTO that nailed it with a staff-wide collection. It’s got all the bells and whistles — options for choosing recipients, specifying amounts, and adding personal messages. Looking to focus on just one classroom? We’ve got a template for that too. Plus, dive into our treasure trove of tips for teacher gifts and snag some last-minute ideas to ensure your gifts are on point.

Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation yard signs are popping up like daisies, and for a good reason! They’re the perfect shout-out, celebrating the huge milestone of graduation, whether it’s stepping up from kindergarten or striding off the high school stage with diploma in hand. These signs are more than decorations; they’re proud announcements to the world about our graduates’ big leaps forward.

Creative Celebrations:

All-Inclusive Cheer:

Why stop at just the grads? Cheddar Up collections have embraced yard signs for the whole school vibe — from the math whiz to the soccer team captain. It’s a fantastic way to fundraise for something like after-prom while celebrating every achievement under the sun.

Designs for Days:

Offering a variety of sign designs means everyone’s achievements get the spotlight. Whether it’s academic excellence or artistic flair, every sign can tell its unique story.

Want more tips and ideas? Check out our Yard Signs for Graduation Guide.

Cheddar Up: Your Graduation Celebration Partner:

Cheddar Up makes the whole shebang a piece of cake. Customizable forms? Check. Easy payment and pickup scheduling? Double-check. It turns the task of celebrating achievements into a streamlined, joyful process.

Templates to Kickstart Your Collection:

Dive into our template inspired by schools that have nailed the graduation yard sign game. It’s all about inclusivity, efficiency, and creativity, ensuring every grad feels the love. With Cheddar Up, managing designs, orders, and pickups is so easy, you’ll have more time to enjoy the celebration.

… and More End of School Year Activities

We could never make an exhaustive list — there’s just so much going on, right? But here are a few additional resources that may help:

  • Host a Kickoff to Summer party on the last day of school with an ice cream sundae bar!
  • Have students create a summer bucket list and share it with their class.

Free Downloads for Your End of School Year Activities

Because time is money, especially this time of year, we’ve made these resources to help “brand” and promote your collections.

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