Yard Signs for Graduation: A Guide for PTA and School Organizers

Graduation isn’t just a ceremony; it’s a celebration of achievements, growth, and shared pride among students, parents, and teachers. Custom yard signs for graduation with names and photos of graduates can brighten up neighborhoods, celebrating each student’s success. For PTA members or school organizers, putting these signs together can be rewarding but daunting. We’ve got some tips to make this process smooth and fun, just like the graduation season should be.

Planning Yard Signs for Graduation

The key to a successful custom yard sign project is early planning. Starting several months in advance provides ample time for: design selection, customization, and printing. Build extra time into your schedule for unexpected delays to make sure all graduation signs are ready before caps are thrown!

1. Choosing Your Graduation Sign Type

Begin by deciding on the style of graduation sign you want to provide. Either custom graduation signs that include personal details or generic “Class of” signs are both great options. For younger graduates in Kindergarten or 5th grade, think about getting blank signs that they can personalize and keep afterwards!

2. Design Selection

If you choose custom signs, offer a variety of designs to cater to different tastes and budgets. Different options (and prices) for signs make them available to everyone and let people show their own style.

Consider designs that:

  • Reflect the school’s spirit and colors.
  • Offer space for personalization beyond names and photos, like the college they will be attending.
  • Vary in complexity, from simple, text-based layouts to more elaborate, graphic-heavy options.
  • Choose materials wisely. Corrugated plastic holds up much better in rain than cardboard.

3. Collaboration is Key

Involve the graduating class in the design process. This not only makes the signs more personal but also eases the decision-making process. A voting system can be a fun way to select the most popular designs.

4. Partner with a Reliable Printing Company

Select a printing company known for its quality, reliability, and customer service. Ensure they understand the project’s scope and timeline, and provide them with high-resolution images and text to avoid any printing issues. Don’t forget to order a few extra generic signs to account for last-minute orders or replacements.

5. Arrange for Distribution

Decide on a distribution plan that works best for your community. Whether it’s a pick-up day at the school or direct delivery to homes, make the process convenient for families. Ensure that communication about the pick-up or delivery details is clear and sent out well in advance.

Pro Tip:

Need help coordinating volunteers to help with distribution? Set up an online sign up form to keep things organized.

6. Celebrate and Share

Encourage families to share photos of their yard signs for graduation on social media. They can tag the school’s accounts or use a special graduation hashtag. This not only fosters a sense of community but also spreads the celebratory spirit far and wide.

Managing Your Graduation Lawn Sign Orders

Organizing a graduation yard sign fundraiser is not only a fantastic way to celebrate your graduates, but also an easy task with Cheddar Up. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your orders rolling:

Sign Up/Log In:

Visit Cheddar Up to sign in or create a free account.

Create a Collection:

Click “Create a Collection” and give it a name (e.g., “2024 Graduation Yard Signs”).

Customize Your Collection:

Personalize your page with an image or logo and a brief description of the purpose. In this case, include details about the order timeline and the options they can choose from.

Pro Tip:

Set a start and stop time for your collection to make sure you don’t get any graduation sign orders coming in after your deadline.

Create Items:

Create an item for each type of graduation lawn sign you’re offering and include a photo so parents can see what the final product will look like. For each item, you can specify options like name personalization, photo upload, and even allow for custom messages.

Tip for Photos:

Set guidelines for the photo uploads, such as resolution and acceptable file formats, to ensure that the final product meets everyone’s expectations.

Share Your Collection:

Cheddar Up generates a unique collection link for you. Distribute it through email, social media, school newsletters, or any other communication channel you use.

Track Contributions:

Monitor orders in real-time and get notified when a new order is placed. When the orders are in, easily export the information and send it to the printer.

Withdraw Funds:

Easily transfer the collected payments to your bank account to pay the vendor promptly and ensure the signs are ready for graduation season.


Send a message to all of your Payers via our Message Center to remind them of the distribution instructions.

Want to get started on your yard signs for graduation? Use one of our templates!

An Unforgettable Graduation

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