Online Sign Up Form Examples for Your Group — FREE!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce our newest feature: Sign Up forms! The idea came straight from our clever users who were hacking our versatile form builder exactly for this purpose — and we took it, eliminated extra guesswork, and built a straightforward solution. (Our favorite thing to do.) Now this one-stop-online-shop is even more efficient.

Take a look at some of these sign up form examples and grab them for your group! If you’d like the step-by-step how-to, that’s right here.

Why use Cheddar Up for your online sign up sheet?


We get it: The internet is full of options! Here are a few of the perks of using Cheddar Up for your online sign up sheets.


  • Collect payments and other forms at the same time. Say, someone can’t volunteer time, but they’d love to contribute — you can offer an option to donate. Or, maybe your sign up event also requires waivers — attendees can choose a sign up option and sign a waiver in one transaction.
  • Only one URL — for group organizers and participants. No more directing people to different websites for different functions, and organizers also have one central dashboard for all submitted information. An added perk: visitors to your collection can see all available opportunities for potential “impulse buys.” If you’re a PTA, you can include a volunteer sign up sheet in your membership registration, and hear fewer, “I didn’t know you needed someone!”
  • Require a sign up. As an option, people can’t “check out” unless they’ve signed up for one spot.
  • Sign up without creating an account. People are busy. Sometimes the extra steps to create an account stalls them — which, in turn, stalls group organizers. 
  • Cheddar Up’s sign up form examples are clean and pretty. It’s true: Looks aren’t everything, but they actually do matter a lot for online tools. Our “signature look” is minimalist, with no ads — which makes it easy for anyone to navigate and keeps the focus on your groups’ needs.

5 Cheddar Up Sign Up Form Examples


Here are five useful, fun Cheddar Up sign up form examples to copy for your group. (Note how sign ups work in tandem with our many other features!)

1. PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
Trail Mix Fundraiser
2. Soccer Snack Schedule Sign Up List
Trail Mix Fundraiser
3. VBS Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
Trail Mix Fundraiser
4. Potluck Sign Up
Trail Mix Fundraiser
5. Secret Santa Sign Up Sheet
Trail Mix Fundraiser

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Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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