Last minute teacher gifts to save the day

You need teacher gift ideas, stat. Good news: What teachers really want takes little-to-no effort. (Hint: It’s gift cards. We asked.)

That’s it. That’s the story. The easiest last-minute gifts are also the best teacher gifts overall. But just like we’ve gotten to know what educators want, we’ve also gotten to know you — and you want to make those last-minute teacher gifts look, well, a little not-so-last-minute.

We’ve got some ideas for stepping up the gift card game, and a way to pull it together in 5 minutes.

Have even less than 5 minutes? Skip the store and send a direct link to the Cheddar Up gift card store and let your teacher pick a gift they’re sure to love.

Grab a Group

Nothing says “put together” like a group gift. Whether you have one week or one day, Cheddar Up helps you collect quickly- especially for last minute teacher gifts. Build a collection page in less than a minute, and specify a per-person amount to make it extra easy. (You can also let people choose their own contributions.) Text the URL immediately, and people can pay right away.

The benefit of using Cheddar Up over other platforms is that every dollar is automatically categorized — you don’t have to weed through a money “pot” to determine which funds are which. In the essence of time, that’s huge.

Choose a Gift Teachers Will Use

When it comes to teacher gifts, we’ve coined a “short shelf life” rule — opt for gift cards and items that won’t go unused or clutter up a cabinet. (We’ve heard their cabinets are full of mugs and lotions.)

Unless you know your teachers’ likes and dislikes, pick a gift with a broad use. These fast, last-minute gift-card ideas will likely work for anyone, regardless of preferences. They work for your timeframe, too — grab each in only one stop or less!

One big check + flowers

Yes, it’s that simple! Consolidate all gift money into one check, and give your teacher the final say in how to use it. (We love this collection for inspiration.) Grab a vase of flowers, and sneak the check into the card for an added surprise.

Supplies + resources

Print a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card, and give it with a bundle of school supplies. Some ideas that most teachers use (and use and use): printer paper, dry-erase markers, red pens, paper clips.

Groceries + snacks

Load a gift card for a local grocery store, and if you want a little something else, grab a few snacks. Instead of a basket, consider a reusable grocery tote.

Gas + tunes

Buy a local gas station gift card, and send off your teachers for breaks with a full tank. As a fun add, throw in a gift card for a music streaming service.

Movie + a meal

When school’s out, teachers may really want to unwind. Gift them a few months to a streaming service, as well as meal delivery.

Finish With a Note

The teachers we’ve talked to insist that a note really is enough. And it’s a simple, last-minute gift with a long-time sentiment. For group gifts, you can actually collect messages right here on Cheddar Up — but there’s something extra special about kids writing their own. We found some great free printables to make it easy!

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