Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 (May 2–6) is coming up soon! We think all school staff deserve our praise every single day of the year — but we love having time set aside to spoil them something extra! And Cheddar Up users definitely deliver. We see some fantastic teacher gift collections every year.

Looking for some quick-and-easy teacher gift ideas? Here are three of our favorites.

Three great Teacher Appreciation Week collections

Check out how these PTAs are collecting money for teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022.

school spiritwear masks
Flower-Gram delivery
Wilson School PTO in Sayreville, New Jersey, created a thank-you perfect for spring! For only $3.00, families could deliver a flower and personal message to any member of the staff.
superhero staff

Now here’s a “super” teacher gift collection! Marlton Elementary PTA divided their entire staff (all special-area teachers and support included) into “Superhero Teams”, and families could donate any amount to as many teams as they wanted. The funds purchased lunch, snacks and gifts throughout Teacher Appreciation Week 2022. What a great way to ensure everyone gets a piece!

Boxed lunches and a raffle
Looking for higher participation when you collect money for teacher gifts? Take a cue from Mountview Road School PTA: They raffled off a Valentino handbag for donors. Every $5.00 earned an entry.

Top reasons to use Cheddar Up for Teacher Appreciation Week


You can create an online collection page in 45 seconds

No, really. We timed it. For a speedy classroom collection, hop on our app and check it off your list! For a staff-wide collection, it’s almost as quick, depending on if you want to include a way for parents to donate to individual teachers and staff members. See how West Middle School raised over $17,000 to distribute among the faculty and staff with EVERY single staff member receiving a gift of at least $25.


Online Payments = More Money

Moving payments online is a no-brainer. Our data shows a nearly 70% increase in the amount collected when payments are moved online. Enter Cheddar Up. Cheddar Up allows PTAs to collect for free. By default, all processing fees are passed along to payers. Over 90% of our PTA users choose to pass fees on to payers simply because our e-Check processing fees are the lowest in the industry.

You can share your link everywhere!

After you create your online collection page, you can include the link to contribute on all of your materials: your organization’s website, digital newsletters, facebook posts, emails, texts… The sky is the limit!

Make paying ridiculously easy for parents

This is Cheddar Up’s core focus! “Click and pay” is what we like to say. Just share a link with your community—there’s no need for them to download an app, create an account or remember login credentials. Parents can always pay as a guest! And with most parents on their smartphones 24×7, Cheddar Up’s 100% mobile-friendly and responsive paying experience will mean cheers from your community and increased contributions for your teachers.

Ready to make your teachers and staff feel appreciated?

Create a Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 collection from your classroom or school community in minutes with Cheddar Up.

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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