Some of the top fundraisers we see — by both popularity and money earned — are fun runs. What is a fun run, you ask? A walk or run, sometimes themed, which typically either requires a participation fee or asks students to find sponsors to pay per lap completed.

Is it for you? Take a look. Here’s the run-down. (Yes, pun intended.)

How do fun runs raise money?

• Registration or participation fees

• Participant-raised funds:

Pledges per minute or lap
Flat donations

• Corporate sponsorships

• Concessions stand

• Event apparel and swag:

Water bottles
Glow bundles (for glow runs)

• Post-run meals, like a spaghetti dinner or dessert stand

How much does a fun run fundraiser make?

Based on data from Cheddar Up collections, the nationwide average is $5,330, and the highest raised is a whopping $40,530!

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections on average raise

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections have raised up to:

Types of fun runs

• Seasonal: 

Turkey Trot
Jingle Run

• School spirit

Glow run

Color fun run

• Bubble fun run

• Foam run

• Walk-a-thons

• “Race the principal”

What are the benefits of a fun run?

• Promote health and wellness
• Build community
• Raise money without managing items and inventory
• Have fun!

How far is a fun run?

• 100 m dash
• 5k
• 3k
• 1k
• 1 mile
• As many laps around the track completed in an allotted time frame

How do you collect money for a fun run?

You could send each participant home with a form to collect pledges — or you can keep it simple with a Cheddar Up collection. We collect money and customized forms in one online transaction + track everything automatically.

I’m convinced, I want to do it

Check out these fun run collection examples on our school fundraising group page. Once you’re inspired, our collection builder makes it a breeze!

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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