Everything You Need to Know About Fun Runs

Some of the top fundraisers we see — by both popularity and money earned — are fun runs. What is it, you ask? It’s a walk or run, sometimes themed, that ignites community spirit. It typically requires a participation fee or asks students to find sponsors to pay per lap completed. A school fun run is most common but it can be used by any nonprofit organization to raise funds and awareness. 

Is it for you? Take a look. Here’s the run-down. (Yes, pun intended.)

How do fun runs raise money?

Fun runs are all about community and creativity. Here’s how the magic happens:

  • Registration or Participation Fees

    The heart of the fundraising, entry fees get your community on board.

  • Participant-Raised Funds

    By collecting pledges per minute or lap, or accepting flat donations, participants get involved in a personal way.

  • Corporate Sponsorships

    Local businesses can support the event, adding an extra layer of community involvement.

  • Concessions Stand

    Selling snacks and drinks keeps everyone fueled and adds to the funds.

  • Event Apparel and Swag

    From hoodies to glow bundles, selling themed merchandise keeps the fun alive after the run.

  • Post-Run Meals

    A spaghetti dinner or dessert stand can be a delicious way to wrap up the day and raise additional funds.

How much does a fun run fundraiser make?

Based on data from Cheddar Up collections, the nationwide average is $5,330, and the highest raised is a whopping $40,530! That’s some serious cheese!

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections on average raise

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections have raised up to:

Types of fun runs

There’s a fun run for every season, reason, and fitness level. Each type has its unique flair:

Seasonal Runs: Embrace the holiday spirit with a Gobble-thon, Turkey Trot, Jingle Run, or Zombie Run.

Theme Runs: Engage participants with exciting options like School spirit runs, glow runs, color runs, bubble fun run, mud run, and even a superhero-themed run.

Special Events: Host Walk-a-thons, “Race the principal” events, or charity runs to support a particular cause.

Family-Friendly Runs: Organize runs that include various physical activities for kids and families, like inflatable obstacle courses or scavenger hunts.

Check out these examples to get inspired!

What are the benefits of a fun run?

When you think about fun runs, you probably focus first on the fundraising aspect. But it’s not just about the money; fun runs come packed with a range of fantastic benefits. First off, they’re a perfect way to get your community moving, which not only promotes health and wellness but also builds a culture of well-being. The communal nature of the event—be it families, schools, businesses, or local groups—creates lasting bonds and memories.

But the benefits go beyond even these. Let’s say it loud for the folks in the back: fun runs are pure, well, fun! The joy, laughter, and excitement generated can be the highlight of the year for many. School spirit? Check! They encourage students, teachers, and parents to wear their colors proudly and cheer each other to the finish line. And if you’re looking to make a broader positive impact, consider dedicating the fun run to a charitable cause or cause close to your community’s heart. The feel-good vibes can reverberate far beyond the day of the event.

How far is a fun run?

Choose a distance that suits your community, whether you’re hosting seasoned runners or families looking for a day of fun:

  • 100 m dash: Perfect for young kids and sprinters.
  • 5k run: A popular choice for those looking for a moderate challenge.
  • 3k: Great for casual runners and those new to the sport.
  • 1k: A distance that encourages everyone to join, regardless of age or fitness level.
  • 1 mile: An achievable goal for many, and a fun option for a themed mile.
  • As many laps around the track completed in an allotted time frame: Offers flexibility and adds an exciting element of competition.

How do you collect money for a fun run?

Traditional methods work, but why not simplify things? With Cheddar Up, we collect money and customized forms in one online transaction + track everything automatically. Create your own fundraising page and share your custom URL on flyers with a QR code, email, or social media.

Hosting a fun run can be both joyful and profitable. By choosing a theme, setting up registrations, planning the route, and rallying your community, you can make a lasting impact. And with Cheddar Up’s easy online collection and tracking, you can focus on the fun and let the platform handle the funds.

Ready to run?

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