Bubble Up with Fun: How to Host a Bubble Run Fundraiser

Looking to add a refreshing twist to your next fundraising event? Dive into a bubble run fundraiser! It combines the splashing sensation of bubbles with the joy of a fun run and helps raise money, too. 

Organizing it can be as easy as a gentle bubble bath, especially with Cheddar Up’s help. Let’s dive in!

What’s a Bubble Run Fundraiser?

It’s a race where runners wind through a course filled with stations that unleash clouds of bubbles. Bubble runs are a great way to raise money and build community.

How to Organize a Bubble Run

Set the date

Set the Date and Time

Select a day when the weather is friendly (nobody likes frozen bubbles!). Weekends or evenings usually work best, allowing everyone to join the bubbly fun.

Assemble the team

Assemble your Bubbly Team

Behind every great bubble run is a great team. You’ll need a bubble captain (Event Coordinator), someone to spread the word with a splash (Marketing Lead), a Registration Manager (Cheddar Up can help with this), and organizers for bubble stations, water, and cleanup. You can collect volunteer sign ups online too!

Plan the route

Plan the Route and Bubble Stations

Pick a scenic route with room for bubble stations. Coordinate with authorities, get necessary permits, and plan parking and transportation. You want it to be as smooth as possible for everyone involved. 

Don’t forget to leave enough room at the finish line for a big party! Sell some fun items or spirit wear for the spectators to join in the fun.

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections on average raise

Cheddar Up Fun Run Collections have raised up to:

Raise money

Get Creative with Fundraising

First, set up online registration and collect entry fees. This way, you can easily keep track of who has paid. You can also sell yummy concessions and bubble-themed merchandise. Seek corporate sponsorships for logo placements, or accept optional donations online or at the event to raise even more money.

Spread the word

Spread the Bubble Buzz

Marketing is essential. Use social media, flyers, banners, community newsletters, and more. Cheddar Up’s tools like custom URL, QR code, or email make spreading the word a breeze!

Prioritize safety

Safety and Cleanliness: Not Just for Bath Time

Keep everyone safe and sparkling. Inform participants about safety guidelines, use eco-friendly bubbles that are gentle on the skin, and set up clean-up stations to rinse off after the run.  You can even collect waivers online for free with their registrations on Cheddar Up.

Hosting a bubble run fundraiser is an exciting way to make a splash in your community. With Cheddar Up’s simple tools, you’ll be floating on air as you watch the bubbles – and the funds – rise!


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