Unleash the Colors: How to Host a Color Run Fundraiser

If you’re looking to raise money for your school, church, or nonprofit, hosting a color run is a great option. It’s a fun event that’s a blast for participants. At Cheddar Up, we make hosting a color run fundraiser – or any other fundraising event – super easy.

What is a color run fundraiser?

A color run fundraiser combines the thrill of a fun run with bursts of colors. Participants wear white and run or walk a designated course. Volunteers throw colorful powder or spray runners with water-based paint at different “color stations” along the route. 

color run fundraiser example

How to Organize a Color Run

Set the date & time

Set the Date and Time

When choosing the date and time of your event, consider weather, community events, and holidays to ensure maximum attendance. Opt for a season when the weather is favorable, allowing participants to enjoy the experience comfortably. Aim for weekends or evenings to accommodate busy schedules and give participants ample time to join in the colorful fun.

Cheddar Up Color Run Collections on average raise

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Assemble the team

Assemble an Energetic Team

A vibrant color run needs an equally vibrant team! Rally up a group of dedicated volunteers who share your passion. You’ll need:

Event Coordinator: The mastermind behind the operation, responsible for overall event planning, logistics, and coordination.

Marketing Lead: In charge of promoting the color run through various channels, creating buzz, and attracting participants.

Registration Manager: Handles participant registration, ticketing, and managing inquiries related to the event.

Pro tip: An online event registration system is the easiest way to manage registrations.

Color Station Organizers: Oversees the setup and management of color stations along the course, ensuring participants get showered in colorful hues.

Water Station Attendants: Distributes water to keep participants hydrated and energized throughout the run.

Clean-up Crew: Responsible for tidying up the venue after the run, ensuring a clean and tidy environment.

Collect volunteer signups online with a volunteer sign up sheet. Check out this volunteer sign up sheet example.

Plan the route

Plan the Route and Logistics

Choose a route that offers scenic views and ample space for participants to enjoy the run. Secure the necessary permits and coordinate with local authorities to ensure a safe and organized event. Set up water stations along the course to keep everyone hydrated and comfortable. Don’t forget to plan for parking and transportation options to accommodate a large turnout.

Raise money

Creative Fundraising

At Cheddar Up, we love to get creative with fundraising! Set up an online registration system to streamline the registration process and collect race entry fees. Check out this example of a color run fundraiser on Cheddar Up.

In addition to charging for race entry, you can raise additional funds by selling items or sponsorships at the event.

Corporate sponsorships

Try soliciting sponsorships from businesses for logo placement. Logos can be placed on a banner displayed along the route, social media posts, flyers, or posters.

Sell food

Sell concessions the day of the event, in person, with a Cheddar Up card reader.

Examples of concessions to sell: 

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Donuts
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Baked Goods
  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Chips
Sell Spirit Items

Try selling spirit items and merchandise including shirts, vinyl stickers, or water bottles.

Ask for Donations

Collecting donations at the time of registration or at the event is a great way to boost proceeds. Set a fundraising goal and display it so participants can help you achieve it. (Psst… Cheddar Up has a simple setting to show people on the site the progress towards your goal.) 

Spread the word

Spread the Word

You can create a custom URL, website button, QR code, or email directly in Cheddar Up. Simply copy the link and pass along to your people. Market the event early and often to your community. Try:

  • Post on social media channels
  • Post flyers around town (include a QR code that takes people directly to online sign ups – Cheddar Up makes this easy)
  • Hang a banner in front of the building
  • Include a blurb in the community newsletter
  • Have teachers talk it up in class or announce it at your church’s service

Prioritize safety

Safety and Cleanliness First

While having fun is the goal, safety and cleanliness are top priorities. Inform participants about any potential hazards and provide safety guidelines before the event. Use non-toxic, eco-friendly color powder to avoid any adverse reactions. Set up clean-up stations with water and towels to ensure participants can easily remove excess color after the run.

Ready to paint the town?

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