Merry and bright Christmas fundraising ideas

Winter’s chill is in the air, but don’t let that freeze your fundraising efforts. The holiday season is the perfect time to plan some festive fundraisers that’ll bring in not just funds but heaps of cheer too! But if you need help to thaw out those creative juices, we’ve got 10 Christmas fundraising ideas ready for you.

Christmas Caroling Service

Offer a Christmas caroling service where families or businesses can book a group of carolers to visit them. Charge per song or for a set time, and offer different packages with varying song selections and durations. This is a great fundraiser for choirs and other music groups!

Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt

Design an “Elf on the Shelf” scavenger hunt around town, in a local mall, or at a school. Charge a participation fee and offer prizes for those who find all the elves. This could become an annual tradition that families look forward to each year.

Custom Christmas Wreath Sale

Host a Christmas wreath sale where local artists or community members can contribute handmade wreaths. Display the wreaths in a central location or online, and let the sale begin!

Bonus fundraiser:

Instead of custom wreaths, you can sell evergreen wreaths or poinsettias and partner with a local greenhouse.

Gingerbread House Contest

Host a gingerbread house-building contest where participants can either build at home and bring their creations in or build on-site with materials provided. Charge an entry fee and offer prizes for different age groups and skill levels.

Pro Tip:

The winning houses can also be auctioned off afterwards for an additional fundraiser!

Holiday Bingo Night

Host a bingo night with holiday-themed cards and prizes. Charge a fee for each card and consider offering a package deal for multiple cards. Offer concessions such as candy canes, cookies, and hot cocoa to raise more and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Santa fun run

Encourage participants to dress up as Santa or other holiday characters and set a course around your community or a local park. You can offer various distance options, like a 5K and a family-friendly 1-mile dash, to include runners of all ages and abilities. Charge an entry fee and consider offering festive medals or treats for finishers.

Gift wrapping service

Set up shop in a mall or shopping center and offer a gift-wrapping service for donations. It’s a time-saver for your community members and a fabulous way to collect some extra funds for your cause. This is one of our favorite Christmas fundraising ideas for large groups as you can send teams to multiple locations all in one day!

Adopt an “Elf”

Create cute, handmade “elves” and put them up for “adoption” through your organization. Include an adoption certificate and a backstory for each elf. Families can “adopt” these elves as cute decorations and holiday companions, and your organization receives the adoption fees.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Host a holiday movie marathon featuring all-time Christmas classics at a community center or school gym. Sell tickets to the marathon and offer special holiday snacks or themed merchandise as additional fundraisers.

Online ornament crafting event

Gather families for an online crafting event where they can make their own ornaments. Sell crafting kits in advance, and then host a live session where everyone can craft together while sipping on hot chocolate.

Bonus Fundraiser:

If you have the supplies and your group is crafty enough, consider setting up an online ornament sale!

Christmas fundraising ideas recap

Remember, the holiday season isn’t just about the jingle in your pocket; it’s about the joy you spread. Any one of these ideas will not only fill your organization’s coffers but also fill hearts with seasonal spirit. Happy Fundraising!

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