10 holiday fundraising ideas to warm you this winter

It’s that time of year again—frosty windows, cozy sweaters, and an overwhelming urge to gift back to the community. And while we’re talking about gifting, why not pair it with some good old-fashioned fundraising? So grab your ugly holiday sweaters and pour some hot cocoa; we’ve got the lowdown on 10 holiday fundraising ideas that will add a sprinkle of joy to your festivities.

Holiday Recipe Book

Collect favorite holiday recipes from community members, club members, teachers, and families. Compile them into a book with different sections celebrating each holiday and sell it to the community.  Create a printed version for a beautiful memento or a downloadable PDF to reduce your expenses.

Bonus fundraiser:

Host a tasting event where the recipes can be sampled for an additional ticket fee.

Thanksgiving Pie Sale

What’s better than pie on Thanksgiving? Not having to bake it! Organize a pie sale where community members can purchase a variety of pies—think pumpkin, pecan, apple, and more. You could source the pies from a local bakery or have volunteers sign up to bake them, but make sure to follow any necessary health and safety guidelines.  Establish a central location to let people pick up their pies just in time for the big feast.

Winter Wonderland Fair

Create a winter wonderland in a community center or school gym with ice sculptures, fake snow, and winter-themed activities. Charge an entrance fee and offer hot cocoa, cookies, and game tickets for additional fundraising.  Ask local businesses to sponsor activities or donate decorations to help offset costs.

Diwali Lantern Workshop

Host a workshop where people can learn how to make traditional Diwali lanterns. Include a crafting kit with their ticket and let the Festival of Lights shine brighter than ever!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Set up a hot chocolate stand at local winter sports events or holiday shopping areas. Offer various toppings and flavors for a small fee. This is one of the easiest holiday fundraising ideas to implement and if you have a large group, you can run this fundraiser multiple times throughout the season.

Pro Tip:

A card reader can go a long way in helping your sales without having to worry about cash.

Hanukkah Candle Kit Sale

Curate kits with all the necessities for making Hanukkah candles at home. This could include waxes, wicks, dyes for color, and molds. Offer an instructional video or manual as part of the kit to make it easy for families to participate.

Holiday Talent Show

Organize a holiday-themed talent show and charge an entry fee for audience members. This could include singing, dancing, comedy skits, and other talents. Sell tickets in advance and offer concessions during the event for extra fundraising.

Reindeer Games Field Day

Organize a day of “Reindeer Games”—classic field day games with a holiday twist. Think sack races and water balloon toss, but with holiday-themed names and props such as “Santa’s bag race” and a snowball toss. Charge a participation fee and offer food and drinks for sale.

Kwanzaa Craft Fair

Local artisans could offer a variety of crafts and decorations, and a portion of each sale could go toward the organization or cause. Consider including educational materials or workshops on the significance of Kwanzaa and its traditions.

New Year, New Calendar

The New Year is the perfect time to do a calendar sale.  Take team photos or highlight group members for each month.  Don’t want to be in a calendar?  Have a photo shoot with members’ pets and dress them up for each month.

Pro Tip:

 Ask for sponsors to help cover printing costs and add their logo on the calendar.

Holiday fundraising ideas recap

So there you have it—10 holiday fundraising ideas that are more than just cheerful and bright; they’re also fundraising dynamite! Dive in and let Cheddar Up handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on what really matters: spreading joy and making this holiday season truly unforgettable.

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