5 Sharp Ideas for Holiday Happenings

Cheddar Up users’ collections really shine during the holidays — some quite literally. We love seeing the fun festive fa-la-lavish ways you all celebrate! As always it’s hard to narrow down but here are five collections bringing communities together with their holiday happenings in extra-creative ways.

Bonus: If you’re looking for even more ideas to host your own holiday fundraising events, we’ve got you covered on that too!

Our top 5 holiday happenings

Vintage Christmas Tree Painting Party

You know those nostalgic glass trees with the lights? The Madison County Senior Center in Danielsville, Georgia, hosted a Saturday afternoon party for all ages to paint their own. (Glass gingerbread houses were also available.) They used their Cheddar Up collection to sell $45.00 tickets, which purchased the attendee’s choice of tree or house.

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DIY Cookie Decorating Boxes

A Bake Shop in East Setauket, New York offered the perfect activity for kids starting winter break: a cookie-decorating kit complete with 12 shaped sugar cookies, three bags of icing, and two bags of sprinkles. People could order either a Christmas red-and-green theme or a winter blue-and-white theme through the collection. Holiday happenings are never complete without cookies!

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Learn about Chanukah and Make Latkes

A Girl Scout troop leader in Los Angeles developed a meeting plan for individuals or troops to explore Jewish holiday traditions and earn a fun patch. The plan, available for purchase through her Cheddar Up collection, includes history and trivia, a latke family recipe, and Chanukah games — and buyers receive it via a link in our customizable payment confirmation emails. (We love the smart automation!)

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Ugly Christmas Slipper Kits

Gaudy sweaters are a holiday happening staple — but this year, Susan in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, introduced us to ugly Christmas slippers! She and her son created DIY kits as a “positivity project” to honor her late son who passed away as an infant 27 years ago. They donated the funds raised from the kits which included a pair of colored slipper socks, buttons, beads, jingle bells, thread and ribbon. (The how-to was left up to the imagination!) 

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Ornament Sale

The Franklin Elementary School PTA teamed up with a local business to sell ornaments and raise funds for an amazing charity. Each ornament was created by hand on locally harvested maple slices. We particularly admired their marketing! They posted the link on their PTA website, shared their link with neighborhood news outlets, and made sure the link was shared widely on Facebook, starting with their own PTA Group Page.

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Holiday happenings for everyone

As the holiday season unfolds, it’s the warmth of community and shared experiences that truly make these moments special. Whether it’s a festive gathering, a charity event, or a simple get-together among friends and family, each occasion is an opportunity to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Let’s embrace the spirit of togetherness, making the most of these holiday happenings.

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More ideas to warm up your holiday happenings

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