Collection Spotlight: Franklin Elementary PTA Ornament Sale

It’s our honor to share an inspiring PTA ornament sale fundraiser that supports local business, raises funds for an amazing charity, and brightens the 2020 Holidays.

2020 has thrown plenty of challenges their way, but the Franklin Elementary School PTA in Roxbury, NJ is staying #roxburystrong. The PTA has teamed up with Jessica O. Handmade, a local business specializing in personalized and custom wooden gifts, jewelry and ornaments, to offer a 2020 holiday ornament. Each ornament is individually drawn, burned, and painted by hand on locally harvested maple slices.


The most heartwarming hashtags you’ll see this season:

#roxburystrong #mayasmission #dogoodbegood

The ornaments are hand painted with “#roxburystrong”, a hashtag that was born out of tragedy but that rallies the tight-knit town and benefits Maya’s Mission. Maya’s Mission was founded to keep alive the memories of Maya Claire Guberman, who passed away on February 13, 2020 at the age of 13. Maya loved the beach, snowboarding, crossfit and volleyball. It was always Maya’s mission to help anyone who needed help and the charity continues her legacy “by helping those who do good and are good. So, be good”.



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The Franklin PTA created the ornament sale using Cheddar Up’s free and simple builder. They added a custom banner that highlighted Maya’s Mission and Jessico O. Handmade and took advantage of Cheddar Up’s online forms. 

We particularly admired their marketing! They posted the link on their PTA website, shared their link with neighborhood news outlets, and made sure the link was shared widely on Facebook, starting with their own PTA Group Page. They also created a pdf flyer that can be sprinkled around town and shared digitally. 

Payers can simply click on the link, select their ornaments and checkout online—no account is needed and no app needs to be downloaded. Cheddar Up automatically tracks payments, orders and payer contact information. In a click, the PTA can send an export of this data directly to the supplier and can download a report for their own internal records and oversight. Payers receive a customized receipt and that warm fuzzy feeling that happens when you are doing as Maya did; “helping those who do good and are good.” ♥

“With the current pandemic, we were forced to find a platform to help us run our PTA programs and fundraisers since we are no longer able to receive cash and check payments.

Being a small, volunteer-only
non-profit, we were looking for something easy to use and ideally at no cost to the organization. We decided on Cheddar Up and have been so happy with it. It is extremely easy to use and I can’t believe we didn’t use this sooner.”


Franklin School, PTA Treasurer

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