Baking Up Success: Creating the Ultimate Bake Sale Sign-Up Sheet

We know how much you love organizing events and making things run smoothly, so today we’re dishing up a fresh-baked treat just for you. If you’ve ever organized a bake sale or thought about hosting one, you know that a sign-up sheet can make or break your event. That’s why we’re here to help you create the perfect sign-up sheet for your bake sale to make it a sweet success! (If you don’t like hosting events, then you should check out our No-Bake Bake Sale example.)

How to create a sign-up sheet for bake sale in 5 minutes (or less)

Step 1

Choose the Perfect Platform

First things first, you need to decide which platform to use for your sign-up sheet. Lucky for you, Cheddar Up is the ideal choice! With our user-friendly interface, beautiful design, and seamless payment processing, you’ll have the perfect foundation for a successful bake sale. And – it’s free! 

Step 2

Design Your Bake Sale Sign-Up Sheet

Begin by creating a catchy title, like “Sugar & Spice Bake Sale Sign-Up!” and a brief description of the event. Be sure to include essential details, such as the date, time, and location of the bake sale.

Next, create the following categories for your signup sheet:

Baked Goods: This is where participants can sign up to bring a variety of delicious treats. Offer a mix of options, such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and more. 

Pro tip: Encourage participants to label their baked goods as gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free if applicable.

Volunteers: No bake sale is complete without a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help with set-up, sales, and clean-up. Make sure to include time slots for each task and ask for a few extra volunteers in case of last-minute cancellations. If you’re going to use Cheddar Up’s mobile apps for in-person payments at the sale, automatically generate a Volunteer POS Code to send them so they can take payments without getting full access to your Cheddar Up collection. 

Supplies: Don’t forget about the necessities, like tables, tablecloths, serving utensils, napkins, and more. Assign these items to specific volunteers to ensure everything is covered.

Monetary Donations: Not everyone has time to bake or volunteer, but they can still contribute! Set up a donations category for those who would like to support the cause financially.

Step 3

Customize the Sign-Up Experience

Cheddar Up allows you to personalize the signup experience, making it fun and engaging for your participants. Add mouth-watering images of baked goods, custom banners, and even a personalized thank-you message for those who sign up. Here’s a few banners to download and get you started!

Using a phone? Tap and hold on the banner image and select “download”. On a computer? Right click on your mouse, and select “save image as…”.

online gifts for teachers
Birthday Banner Collect money for group gift
Birthday Banner Collect money for group gift

Step 4

Spread the Word

You can create a custom URL, website button, QR code, or email directly in Cheddar Up. Copy the link and pass along to your people. Encourage participants to share the link with their friends, family, and networks to boost turnout and make your bake sale an event to remember!

Did you know?

The average bake sale brings in $425 but some can earn upwards of $4,500! That’s some sweet change!

Step 5

Monitor Sign-Up Progress & Send Reminders

Use our built-in reports to keep an eye on your sign-up sheet to ensure everything is on track. Send friendly email reminders through our message center to participants as the bake sale approaches, and provide updates on which baked goods or supplies are still needed.

In short, before you go

Creating a bake sale sign-up sheet with Cheddar Up is a piece of cake! By following these simple steps, you’ll have a beautiful, user-friendly, and efficient sign-up sheet that will help make your bake sale a sweet success. Ready to get started?

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