We see a lot of creative ideas to collect and raise funds on Cheddar Up—hundreds of thousands, in fact. But a well-orchestrated flower sale fundraiser or plant sale fundraiser is one of our favorites. A flower or plant sale fundraiser is great for many different types of groups: elementary schools, community groups, high-school garden and service clubs.

Midwesterners at heart*, we also love nothing more than helping to move an FFA Plant Sale online (FFA is Future Farmers of America for those not in the know). It’s thrilling to watch a flower sale previously done with paper order forms blow up (in a good way!) once translated to a simple online collection page on Cheddar Up. But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics.

Our research indicates that a flower and plant sale fundraiser typically results in 50% profit margin for your community group.

Why a Plant Sale Fundraiser

Here are a few reasons why we love a flower or plant sale fundraiser:

It requires a small amount of upfront effort.

Communities welcome the win-win of doing good by buying something they need and will purchase anyway.

There’s potential to raise a lot of funds in a short amount of time.

Our research indicates that s flower and plant sale fundraiser typically results in 50% profit margin for your community group. This can vary depending on whether you’re doing a bulb or fresh plant fundraiser and whether you choose to add an additional markup to your plants.

Either way, there’s profit to be made. And we continually go back to the fact that your community is going to buy flowers anyway! That’s what makes a flower or plant sale fundraiser the least offensive, no-selling-necessary type of fundraiser. Why not give your community an opportunity to buy their seasonal flowers from you?

Upfront Work of a Plant Sale Fundraiser

There are a lot of variables in the exact steps required, but here’s what you need to chart out upfront:

Pick a season

There are three main seasons for flower and plant sale fundraisers:

  1. Fall (bulbs)
  2. Holiday (garland, wreaths and poinsettias)
  3. Spring (fresh annuals and perennials)

We’re a little partial to holiday and spring flower and plant sale fundraisers, because as a community member, there’s nothing more satisfying than picking up fresh and ready-to-roll plants that you can immediately use to decorate or put into pots or the ground for instant cheer!

Find a vendor

There are lots of options here. You can:

  1. Coordinate with big-box wholesale stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club.
  2. Support a local nursery that does fundraisers, like Abell Nursery & Landscaping in Indiana or Hardy Boy Plants in Colorado, for example.
  3. Find an online resource that delivers or ships nationally such as Dutch Mill Bulbs.


Nail down your ordering process

This is where Cheddar Up comes in. We recommend avoiding ordering systems built into plant or nursery websites because we’re big believers in “knowing your area of expertise”. If you’re an amazing nursery, the likelihood of you also being an amazing technologist (and offering a feature-rich, easy-to-use sale builder and streamlined checkout for your community) is quite slim. More on that below.

Create a Simple Online Ordering Process

If you’re relying on sending the troops out to go door-to-door to secure orders, you’ll be in for a disappointment. Remember, one of the best things about a flower sale fundraiser and plant sale fundraiser is the ability to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. You’re only going to be able to do that if you can reach a lot of people…fast. Not to mention that these days people are less and less likely to answer their door. Meet them in their comfort zone—their inbox or their smart phone!

Paper forms are the ultimate bottleneck to wide reach. Instead, imagine one simple link (look at this stunner!) that you (and all students and members of your community) can easily share via email, social media, text messages and your website. Moving online is a gamechanger in terms of how much money you can raise.

Cheddar Up exists to help organizers collect payments and information online in minutes. The platform is flexible and can be used to collect for (or sell!) just about anything. And have no fear—it’s easy enough for anyone, no matter what your level of technical skills.

When you’re ready to get started, check out these guides in the Cheddar Up Knowledge Center:

  1. Create an online sale
  2. Separate your plants and flowers into different categories with navigation links
  3. Consider using images and showcasing them using Gallery View
  4. Check out more selling features
  5. What your payers will experience

Many of the examples shown above use features including gallery view, categories and navigational links. Not up for reading? No problem! Check out our video library that will guide you every step of the way. Or contact Cheddar Up Support for more hand holding.

Results from a Plant Sale Fundraiser

Finally, in terms of results, what can you expect? Every sale is different, and proceeds can depend greatly based on the:

  • Size of your community.
  • Advance promotion and ability to market your sale.
  • Variety of product you’re selling.
  • Commitment to offering an online sales page with built-in checkout.

But, Cheddar Up has a window into plant sale fundraisers and flower sale fundraisers happening across North America. On the low end we see online flower and plant sales pull in $500-900, and on the high end, we’ve seen groups raise $10,000 or more with well orchestrated online sales.

No matter where you land in terms of proceeds, we highly recommend this fundraiser, because it’s eco-friendly, can have a huge impact on your community and puts smiles on the faces of all involved. 

On the high end, we’ve seen groups raise $10,000 or more with well orchestrated online sales.
*Fun fact: Our founder grew up on a farm in Iowa and can detassel with the best of them.  

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