There are so many reasons to research PTA payment solutions so you can accept PTA payments online—efficiency, ease for your community, time savings for volunteers, security, increases in participation…the list goes on. Here are some ideas for moving your PTA payments and activities online with little to no out-of-pocket expense for your PTA.


Move back-to-school registration online

Consider moving back-to-school registration online…promote it several weeks in advance and make your in-person lines a fraction of what they used to be. We promise it’s possible. Coordinate with the principal to accept online payments—you’ll be glad you did! Parents will love the one-stop simplicity. Plus, as part of the registration page, you can build in options to recruit new PTA volunteers, collect PTA payments for back-to-school activities, class funds, spirit wear…sky is the limit.



We cringe at the thought of handing off a “binder” to a new incoming board member. #intimidating. When you use Cheddar Up, year-over-year transition is a cinch. It provides a full history of past events, trends and PTA payments. Plus, in just seconds, your online collection pages can be replicated and retrofitted for future years so you can continue to accept PTA payments online with ease.



Moving PTA payments and registration online for events can alleviate back-to-school stress! Create one page that features all events and collect payments from parents with one easy checkout, or create a separate page for each event. No matter how you organize it, Cheddar Up allows you to collect PTA payments and information in a couple of clicks. Moving PTA events online means you can promote events in advance, which will earn more money and increase participation. On the day of your event, transition to Cheddar Up’s point-of-sale payments without missing a beat.


make life easy for room parents

What’s the biggest drag for room parents? We’re guessing it’s collecting money from parents for teacher gifts, class parties, and other events and activities. Move it all online (think Halloween party, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.), then share a link with parents to easily accept online payments. Consider teacher appreciation collections that are class-specific, or even staff-wide. Cheddar Up eliminates the “please send money with your child” hassles—and increases donations!


show your school spirit

How awesome would it be to avoid the usual hullabaloo of selling spirit wear—the setup, staffing the “store”, keeping track of inventory? Cheddar Up makes that awesomeness a reality by letting you display items, track inventory and accept online PTA payments with your own online spirit wear store! Whether you are taking orders in advance or tracking existing inventory, we’ve got you covered. Need to track and sell different sizes and colors? Our item variation feature makes it a breeze. Have lots of items to sell, turn on a navigation filter menu to optimize your community’s shopping experience. 


make paying ridiculously easy for parents

This is Cheddar Up’s core focus! “Click and pay” is what we like to say. Just share a link with your community – there’s no need for them to download an app, create an account or remember login credentials. Parents can always pay as a guest! And with most parents on their smartphones 24×7, Cheddar Up’s 100% mobile-friendly and responsive paying experience will mean cheers from your community and increased profits for your PTA.


take in-person payments

Accepting in-person PTA payments can significantly increase both profit and participation…but who carries cash these days? Cheddar up’s mobile apps and Bluetooth card readers set it apart from other PTA payment solutions. It offers full point-of-sale payments functionality, which makes it easy to seamlessly transition from taking advance online payments to accepting day-of, in-person payments—keeping all tracking and funds in one spot. You can customize your collection to include any additional items you want to offer. Selling spirit wear alongside game tickets at your carnival? No problem!


move tracking and deposits online

You’ll make your PTA treasurer’s dreams come true when you tell him/her that Cheddar Up dynamically tracks all payments and information. No more data entry! And it’s free to transfer funds directly to your PTA bank account, which means no need for trips to the bank and there’s an always-there online paper trail (and no stacks of checks and cash stored in precarious places!). Need funds to go to different places? Attach multiple bank accounts with ease.


automate after-school enrichment registration

Anyone who has ever organized an after-school enrichment program, knows the burden of managing paper forms, check payments, class rosters and data entry. Enrichment coordinators’ worlds will be transformed when they move the whole process online, on one page—with options like recurring payments, class availability, and class descriptions. Cheddar Up can even automate your monthly payment reminders!


streamline field trip planning

Who finds the traditional field-trip-permission-slip-and-money-sent-back-to-school-in-an-envelope process more annoying—parents or organizers? It’s a toss-up. Cheddar Up is a no-brainer solution. It lets you accept online payments and permission slips all in one. Just share the link and voila—parents can easily pay and fill out the forms online—complete with an e-signature!


move drama ticket sales online

Think about the traditional workflow of generating revenue for a school play: ticket sales, program advertisements, flowers for the performers…. So. Many. Steps. With Cheddar Up, you can set up a simple online collection page to include all options on one simple page. Supporters can use the same link to order tickets, flowers, and any other merchandise you want to offer (T-shirts or performance DVDs, for example). You can even set up your page to allow parents and businesses to buy program ads online, making it simpler for you when it’s time to design and print the programs.


boost membership online

This almost goes without saying. If you haven’t already moved your PTA membership (or booster club membership, or any membership…) online, this is a breeze to do on Cheddar Up. Simply sit at your computer, set last year’s paper form next to you… and recreate it! Set your membership levels with different items and add questions to each item to collect member name, email, children, volunteer interest, etc. It will be done in minutes.  


collect more on this year’s fundraisers

Every PTA has a different fundraising philosophy. Some rely on key events, others rely on big sales (we personally love the flower or plant sale!), and others rely on an omnipresent, year-round annual giving campaign. No matter what your flavor, Cheddar Up’s PTA payment solution can help, allowing you to add multiple items and item photos—like this plant sale—or different giving levels like this annual giving campaign. Just remember, if your fundraiser’s not online, you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table.


create a one-stop shop for your pta

Drum-roll please… The Arc de Triomphe for a PTA that really wants to knock the socks off of its community is Cheddar Up’s Group Page. A Group Page gives your PTA (or school or organization) one URL that lists allllllllll your active collections. It’s meant to serve as one place a parent can rely on to find anything that’s possible to pay for at any given time. Never again will your community have to hunt down another URL again. Think of it as your PTA’s own personal payment landing page. When reviewing other PTA payment solutions, this feature is unique to Cheddar Up.

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