Valentine Fundraiser Ideas for Nonprofits and Schools

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates and flowers. For fundraising groups, it’s an opportunity to engage the community, share love, and raise funds. If you’re seeking inspiration for Valentine fundraiser ideas, you’re in the right place.

Heartwarming Valentine Fundraiser Ideas we Love


Sweeten the Deal with a Bake Sale

A Valentine bake sale can be a delightful way to raise funds. Start by organizing a team of volunteers who are skilled in baking. 

Be sure to plan for a diverse selection of treats. Include classic cookies and treats with vegan or gluten-free options, to cater to different preferences. Use Cheddar Up for bakers to sign up for specific items and ensure you don’t end up with dozens of the same cookie. (but can you ever have too many?!) 

To maximize profits without overcharging, research local bakery prices to set competitive yet fair prices. Attractively packaging your goods can also increase their value; think themed cellophane wraps or heart-shaped boxes. 

Advertise through social media, local community boards, and flyers in high-traffic areas. Encourage participants to share the event with friends and family. 

On the day of the sale, create an attractive, thematic display — think hearts, red and pink decorations — to draw attention. This fundraiser can be highly profitable thanks to the donated food items and the high appeal of homemade treats.

Cupid’s Arrow Archery Contest

An archery contest is an engaging and unique fundraiser that is sure to draw attention from your community. First and foremost, ensure safety by partnering with an archery club or professionals who can provide equipment and supervision. You can also include velcro archery sets for younger participants.

Choose a suitable outdoor or indoor venue, and consider different categories for various age groups or skill levels. For example, have family-friendly rounds or couples’ challenges, to attract a wide audience. 

Charge a participation fee and offer Valentine-themed prizes for winners. Raise additional funds by selling Valentine-themed merchandise or refreshments.

Promote the event through local sports clubs, schools, and community centers. Sponsorships from local businesses can add to the fundraising while providing additional publicity. This event not only raises funds, but also promotes physical activity and community engagement.

Love Letters: A Writing Workshop

Crafting love letters or romantic poetry is a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Collaborate with local authors or poets to lead the workshop, adding credibility and allure. 

Sell tickets ahead of time and consider offering refreshments or small keepsakes. Advertise through local bookstores, libraries, and educational institutions and your social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

To get participants started, suggest themes to get their creativity flowing. This could be anonymous love letters for nursing home residents or Valentine’s cards for service members. These would then double as a great way to brighten a stranger’s day. 

Encourage participants to share their creations, possibly in a follow-up exhibition or online showcase. This can help further get the word out about your group and fundraising efforts.

“Adopt a Heart” Campaign

The ‘Adopt a Heart’ campaign involves community members sponsoring hearts in honor of their loved ones. This is particularly effective in schools, where children can participate in creating and decorating the hearts. 

Set a price for each heart, which includes the paper heart and a message they can add. You can sell them in person or send a link to the larger community for digital donations and notes. Partner with local businesses for matching funds or ask them to purchase hearts for their employees.

Display them in a public area, like a school lobby or community center, with messages from the sponsors. You can also offer an online gallery or a virtual wall for digital participation.

Promote the campaign and your donation link through newsletters, social media, and local media. Encourage participants to share their sponsored hearts on their social platforms, increasing reach. This campaign can tug at the heartstrings, making it a successful fundraiser, especially when the cause is clear and compelling.

Love Songs Karaoke Night

Hosting a Valentine-themed karaoke night is a fun and inclusive way to fundraise. Find a large venue, such as a local community center, gym, or a supportive restaurant or bar. Then be sure to secure the karaoke machine by checking with members of your group to see if someone has one. (we love saving $$, right?!)

Charge an entry fee or sell tickets in advance. Create themed rounds, couple duets, or other friendly competitions with prizes for the best performances. And be sure to set up themed décor and a photo booth for memorable social media content. 

Advertise through local entertainment guides, social media, and community bulletin boards. Encourage participants to share the event and invite friends. Adding a small raffle or auction can increase fundraising potential. This event is not only a fun fundraiser but also a great community-building activity.

Using these Valentine fundraiser ideas not only helps in raising funds but also strengthens community bonds. They provide an opportunity for everyone to participate and contribute in meaningful ways.

Remember, the key to a successful fundraiser is organization and engagement. Platforms like Cheddar Up can significantly ease the burden of managing these events. From volunteer sign-up sheets to tracking donations for a heart-healthy run, Cheddar Up streamlines the fundraising process, making it more efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ready to make your Valentine fundraiser ideas a reality?

Your organization can create a memorable and impactful Valentine’s Day that resonates with your community and supports your cause. Happy fundraising!

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