Meet Marie

Meet Marie
Westlake, OH

Executive Director, Westlake Meals on Wheels






Many of our amazing users are volunteers who under normal circumstances use Cheddar Up to collect payments and information for all sorts of things. During the pandemic, we were lucky to watch these same volunteers shift into action mode and create collections to make a difference within their communities. Enter Marie Patten Blatter with Westlake Meals on Wheels (WMOW).

Marie’s team spearheaded Neighbors United-Delivering Together which partnered with 12 local restaurants. Donations totaling $14,000 were distributed to the participating restaurants during the shutdown.

How the Neighbors United program worked:

People in the community wanting to help, “donated” meals from local restaurants (each meal was $5) for WMOW to provide to their recipients. When the number of meals reached 75, the restaurant provided the meal for WMOW to serve. “It was a win-win-win solution for everyone involved”, explains Marie.

Meals on Wheels

“Show your love” Valentine’s Dinner

After the success of the Neighbors United program, Marie’s team created an exquisite Valentine’s Day Dinner collection. Community members could order from a selection of mouth-watering dinners to be delivered on Valentine’s Day with proceeds benefiting Westlake Meals on Wheels while helping to support support local (and beloved) restaurant, La Campagna.

Meals on Wheels
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