Top Ten Fraternity and Sorority Fundraising Ideas

Sororities and fraternities are famous for their epic parties, communal living, and life-long friendships. But, here at Cheddar Up, we know there is much more to Greek life than the stereotypes. Sororities and fraternities offer academic support, social development, community outreach, and leadership skills. Fundraising plays a vital role in achieving these goals.

Why do fraternities and sororities need to fundraise?

A pillar of Greek life at colleges and universities around the United States is philanthropy. Sororities and fraternities donate thousands of dollars yearly to various non-profit organizations, and community involvement teaches its members invaluable life skills. There is also a need to raise money to cover the organization’s operational costs and support alumni-related activities.

Top Ten Sorority and Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Here are Cheddar Up’s Top Ten sorority and fraternity fundraising ideas and tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Event Fundraising

With some coordination and help from Cheddar Up, these sorority and fraternity fundraising events build community, create lasting memories, and are a lot of fun for attendees and organizers alike. Not to mention raise much-needed funds for your cause.

Charity Gala

Plan an elegant charity gala with formal attire, dinner, and entertainment. Tickets can be sold to sorority and fraternity members and the wider community.

Check out Cheddar Up’s go-to guide for how to plan a sorority formal.

Alumni Tailgate Party

Your Chapter’s alums are a prime network of support to tap into for your fundraising needs.  Hosting a tailgate party will help them reconnect with old friends and root for their alma mater. Using Cheddar Up as your very own event manager gives alums access to event details, ticket purchasing, and donation opportunities all in one place.

Trivia Night

Set your theme, charge an entry fee, or offer table purchases, and put that extracurricular knowledge to the test for a fun-filled trivia event.

Fitness-Related Fundraising

Help your community meet their fitness goals and raise money at the same time with these wellness-inspired ideas:

Fun Run

Some of the top fundraisers we see at Cheddar Up are fun runs. You can set a participation fee or find sponsors to pay per lap completed. Learn everything you need to know about fun runs.

Sporting Event

Whether it’s volleyball, basketball, or cornhole, plan for an afternoon of healthy competition filled with pizza, prizes, music, and more.

Watermelon Eating Contest

Joey Chestnut would agree that this contest should fall under fitness fundraisers, although he’d suggest hot dogs. Either sell tickets to your watermelon extravaganza or set an entry fee for the chance to win ultimate over-eating bragging rights.

Online Fundraising

College students have a lot to juggle between school, jobs, and living independently for the first time. These are accessible sorority and fraternity fundraising ideas that save time and money, reach a wider audience, and increase engagement.


Sororities and fraternities love their Greek-letter merch, and we are here for it. Create a coveted limited edition apparel item highlighting your philanthropy.  Sell it on your event’s collection page or your online spiritwear store.

Bundle Fees and Donations

Bundling is a popular fundraising tactic among our sorority and fraternity Cheddar Up users. Adding an optional donation line item to your online quarterly and annual dues form allows your current members, their parents, and alums to give to your cause seamlessly.


Check out this Cheddar Up collection example from a sorority that combined their dues and fundraising efforts. 

More Great Sorority and Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Restaurant Partnership

One of the most straightforward fundraising ideas for your sorority or fraternity is to partner with a local restaurant for a give-back program. Contact a student-favored hangout with a charitable donation program like Chipotle, Famous Dave’s, or Buffalo Wild Wings. Then, choose a day, print flyers to hang up in the dorms, announce it on social media, and eat good food with friends for an even better cause.

Pro Tip:

Be sure to mention your organization’s name when ordering!

Bake Sale

Set up a table in a high-traffic area like the campus quad or student center during finals week to keep students well-fed between exams. Cheddar Up’s sign-up form allows members to volunteer for baking and staffing duties, and our point-of-sale feature makes selling your sweet treats a breeze.  The student body will be grateful, and you’ll raise awareness and funds for your cause.


As with any Greek-related activity, just be sure to check your Chapter and University policies and regulations before implementing your fundraising ideas.

Before you go

We know fundraising is an essential part of your fraternity and sorority, and these Cheddar Up-approved fundraising ideas will surely help meet your organization’s goals.

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