How to Plan a Sorority Formal

One of the perks of college is the newfound freedom you earn. And events like sorority formals are among the most exciting college traditions. But how to plan a sorority formal, or any Greek-life event, is no easy task! Enter Cheddar Up — your solution to pulling off your next Greek-life party like a pro. The best part? It’s free. 

Your Step-by-Step Guide for how to plan a sorority formal with Cheddar Up

1. Form a Committee:

The great thing about being surrounded by sisters is that you don’t have to do it alone. Recruit a group of dedicated galpals to help plan the sorority formal of the season. Assign specific roles and responsibilities to cover all aspects of your event (i.e., food, venue, entertainment, transportation, Cheddar Up administrator, etc.)

2. Decide on a Theme:

A good theme party is a Greek-life staple. Whether you go with classic formal or southern-inspired Derby, the theme of your sorority formal will set the tone for the rest of your party planning. 

3. Create a Budget:

Determine how much your sorority formal is going to cost. Will you provide food for your guests or coordinate food trucks? Will it be at a trendy downtown venue or the campus Quad? DIY photo booth or a professional photographer? DJ or live band? There’s a lot of decisions to make. Creating a detailed budget will help you get organized, set your ticket price, and avoid leaving the sorority with a buzz-killing bill at the end of the night.

4. Set up a Cheddar Up Collection Page:

Now that you have done some hard-core adulting by setting a budget and ticket price, it’s time to create your sorority formal’s Cheddar Up Collection page. With our payments + forms power duo, Cheddar Up is your very own (free) event manager.


Does your event have multiple ticket purchase options like food, dancing, and photo packages? You can create separate ticket items on your Collection page, providing maximum flexibility for you and your guests.


Hosting an upscale sorority formal with a menu selection? We’ve got you covered. Add multiple options under the menu section of your Collection page and create a separate form for guests to record allergies and other dietary restrictions.


Sell event merchandise to commemorate your special night! Add a merchandise section for preorders or offer onsite purchases using our point-of-sale feature.

  • PRO TIP:

    Cheddar Up is also an excellent place for sisters to stock up on sorority swag like Bid Day t-shirts, cozy hoodies, and anything that you can put Greek letters on!


Extra hands are clutch for your big night. Create a volunteer section and add time slots to sign up for jobs like check-in, merchandise, and photo booth duties.


Party buses for large groups can be tricky to book. Cover all your bases with multiple Cheddar Up features:

  • Cost:

    Those buses are expensive! Add a separate line item in your ticket section if transportation is an optional add-on, or ensure it is accounted for in your ticket price to cover the cost.

  • Seat reservations:

    If the bus has capacity restrictions, add a sign-up so your party-goers can guarantee a safe and comfortable ride to and from your event.

  • Waiver:

    Many times, the transportation company will require releases from riders. Add a customized waiver form to your Collection page and make it required for anyone riding in sorority-provided transportation.

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to get started! Here is an example of a Cheddar Up Event Collection Page. Add it to your account and modify it to fit your needs.

5. Keep your Guests in the Know:

Custom Receipt:

Help keep everyone organized by sending a customized payment confirmation email. Reiterate pertinent party details like when to get to the bus and dress attire.

Message Center:

As any seasoned event planner will tell you, things never go according to plan. Quickly inform your guests of any changes with Cheddar Up’s Message Center. It’s also great for sending party reminders and notes of appreciation.

6. Stay up-to-date with your Cheddar Up dashboard:

No more stacks of paper and constant double-checking. Cheddar Up’s automated tracking provides real-time reporting, all on a tidy dashboard. See each order’s payer information, payment status, merchandise sales, and item details. When it’s time to give an event update at your next Chapter meeting, download a printable PDF to summarize how your Collection is going.

7. Enjoy the party!

You have now successfully planned a sorority formal. The hard work is done! Get to your epic soiree, have fun, and create lasting memories with your chosen sisters. You’ve earned it.

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