Collect Fantasy Football Dues with Ease: A Game-Changer

Fantasy football season is here, and while drafting players and setting lineups is all fun and games, collecting dues and entry fees can be a real fumble. But don’t worry, Cheddar Up has you covered! We’re all about making the process as smooth as a perfect spiral pass, so you can focus on leading your team to victory.

**Please note that fundraisers/raffles of this nature may be prohibited in some states and it is users’ and payers’ responsibility to determine compliance with their own local laws.**

Why Use Cheddar Up for Collecting Fantasy Football Dues?

Chasing down league members to pay league fees can feel like a never-ending game of tag. With Cheddar Up, you can create a collection page in minutes, share it with your league, and start collecting payments online. Here’s why you should make Cheddar Up your top pick:

  • Simplify the Process

    No need to deal with cash or checks. Handle everything online, making it convenient for everyone in your league.

  • Automate Reminders

    Set up automatic reminders for those forgetful league members who might need an extra nudge.

  • Secure Transactions

    Payments are handled securely, with detailed tracking so you can see who has paid and who hasn’t.

  • No Cost to Collect

    That’s right! It‘s completely free for organizers to collect payments, and there’s only a small convenience fee for payers, which they cover by default (or, you can give them the option to cover it).

How to Collect Dues for Your Fantasy Football League

Ready to get started? Here’s a step-by-step guide to collecting your fantasy football dues:

Step 1

Create a Collection Page

Log in to Cheddar Up and choose “Create a Collection.” Name it something fun, like “Gridiron Gang Fantasy League Dues,” and add a brief description. You can even create a custom banner to make it visually appealing.

Using a phone? Tap and hold on the banner image and select “download”. On a computer? Right click on your mouse, and select “save image as…”.

fantasy football dues banner 1
fantasy football dues banner 2
fantasy football dues banner 3
fantasy football dues banner 4

Step 2

Set Your Amount and Due Date

Determine how much each league member owes and set a due date for payments. You can also add custom items, like special prizes or trophies.

Step 3

Share the Link

Once your collection page is set up, share the link with your league members via email, text, or social media. With a click, they can view the page and make their payment.

Step 4

Send Reminders (If Needed)

You can set up automatic reminders for anyone who hasn’t paid by a certain date. This feature keeps you out of the awkward position of having to nag your friends or co-workers.

Step 5

Withdraw Funds

When all payments are collected, you can easily withdraw the league funds to your bank account, right in time to pay for expenses (wings, anyone?). All that’s left to do is enjoy the season, manage your team, watch the games, and may the best commish win!

fantasy football dues example

Add Some Extra Flair

Want to take your league to the next level? Add some extra excitement:

  • Trophies and Prizes

    Create custom items for trophies or special prizes and include them in your collection. League members can opt to contribute to these fun extras.

  • End-of-Season Party

    Plan an end-of-season party and collect RSVPs and potluck signups through your Cheddar Up collection page.

  • Display Payments Made

    Keep everyone in the loop (and add a small dose of shame to slackers) by sharing who’s paid and how much has been collected.


    Fantasy football is meant to be fun, and collecting dues should be no exception. With Cheddar Up, you can take the stress out of this part of the game, leaving you more time to strategize, trade, and (hopefully) win.

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