Top 10 Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas That Will Score Big

From helmets and uniforms to traveling and team meals, youth sports can be expensive. Youth sports fundraising can help your team be the best it can be both on and off the field. Inspired by our Cheddar Up users and ranging from simple to creative, here are ten easy youth sports fundraising ideas to ensure a successful season for your aspiring athletes.

1. Ask For It

There is no shame in this game! Playing sports requires a lot of time and effort. Driving your athlete to and from practice and competitions feels like a full-time job. Add fundraising to the parent load, and it can be overwhelming. Many other families in your organization feel the same way. Here are a few easy ways to ask for funds: 

  • Add a fundraising section to the team’s registration form with a suggested amount.
  • Add a fundraising link on your team’s online game schedule or website. No Cost to Collect:
  • Use your team’s social media pages to ask for funds. This is an easy way to keep fundraising in the spotlight throughout the season.

    Sports groups that collect open donations as part of their fundraising earn 184% more than groups who don’t! 

    2. Sell Game Day T-Shirts

    Work with a local t-shirt printer or your uniform supplier to make game-day t-shirts for families and friends. The unified team support in the stands will energize your little players and let grandparents and siblings feel like they are a part of the action. T-shirts can be sold at a markup, with the proceeds going directly to your organization. An online spiritwear store can make ordering and payment a breeze.

    Bonus: run a t-shirt design competition!

    Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas - Team Store

    3. Partner with a Local Restaurant

    Youth sports schedules make family dinners challenging. We’ve all visited the drive-thru after a late-night practice. Partnering with a local fast-casual restaurant for your youth sports fundraiser will be a win-win for parents and the team. Supporters will eat at the restaurant on your chosen day, and the sales proceeds will be given to the team. Restaurant options include:

    Reminder: Be sure they mention the team name when ordering!

    4. Run a Youth Sports Skills Clinic

    Older youth athletes have learned a lot over the years! Let them showcase their talents by running a sports camp. Out of these ten youth sports fundraising ideas, this one takes a little more effort. Partner with a local elementary school or allow the kids to hone their advertising skills and tap into the community. Participants can register for a fee to support your cause, and their young kids will learn from the best youth athletes around!

    Did you know?

    The average earnings from a youth sports skills clinic nationwide is $2,620. Some clinics earn as much as $19,000!

    5. Host a Fun Run

    Some of the top fundraising events we see are fun runs. They are a great way to engage your surrounding community, promote healthy lifestyles and support your team’s mission.

    For more information on fun runs, check out our post, Everything You Need to Know About Fun Runs.

    6. Sell Professional Sports Team Tickets

    What better way to inspire youth athletes than watching professionals play the sport they love? Buy fundraiser tickets for a night out at the ballpark and sell them for any amount up to the face value of the ticket. If scheduling one particular game is challenging, professional team organizations may also offer fundraiser vouchers allowing recipients to choose any game of the season.

    7. Offer Sponsorship Packages

    Businesses are always looking for new and effective ways to market themselves. Sponsoring their local youth sports teams will give them visibility and community goodwill. Depending on the sponsorship levels you set, their logos can be placed on your website, uniforms and t-shirts, team schedules, and banners at your fields.

    8. Organize Rent-the-Team Services

    This is another one of those youth sports fundraising ideas that is a little more complex, but the benefits will go beyond the money raised! Your athletes will learn how teamwork extends off the playing field and can take pride in their hard work. Some tasks your supporters can hire the team to do are:


    • Lawn mowing
    • Yard clean-up services
    • Babysitting/parents’ night out
    • Pet grooming
    • Car wash

    9. Host a Bake Sale

    Calling all aspiring bakers! This youth sports fundraising idea is a classic, and for a reason. Whether your athlete is a Great British Baking Show fan or more of a Nailed It baker, their sweet treats will be appreciated by hungry spectators. If allergies or food safety are concerns, contact your local supermarket to see if they are willing to donate overstocked bakery items to your cause.

    10. Create Team Calendars and Yearbooks

    Ask a local photographer to donate their time to take twelve great shots of your athletes in action. Create a calendar on user-friendly sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish and sell them online and at games. 

    Chances are your team’s parents have so many photos of their kids playing sports they could fill ten yearbooks. Collect them on Google Photos and create a “Best Moments” yearbook in Canva to sell at the end-of-season banquet. The kids will enjoy reliving their greatest hits, and parents will get a head start for next year’s fundraising.

    Final Notes on Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

    Remind your team parents and supporters that these donations are going to a worthy cause! The social, emotional, and physical benefits of youth sports are well documented. They often can only happen with the financial support of their surrounding community. These donations can also be tax deductible, but check your organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status first. 


    Youth sports fundraising doesn’t have to feel like a burden! It can be a great learning experience for your athletes and nurture team bonding. Your kids will appreciate the support. Create a youth sports fundraiser collection page on Cheddar Up — free! It only takes a second. 

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