The COVID-19 pandemic has caught most off guard. The speed in which new developments and mandates are being made within cities across North America makes days feel almost like entire weeks. At times like these when there is so much uncertainty, it’s hard not to get sucked onto the fear bandwagon. If you’re feeling restless and want to do something to help—big or small—we have some ideas.

Check out how local volunteers are helping their communities:

With schools imposing forced breaks and many working from home, our days are different (to say the least) and can leave us with a bit more chaos and a lot more time on our hands.

Many of our amazing users are volunteers who under normal circumstances use Cheddar Up to collect payments and information for all sorts of things. As of late, we’ve been watching these same volunteers shift into action mode and create collections to make a difference within their communities.

Groceries and Gift Cards

Thousands of families rely on schools and daycares to provide their children with at least one—sometimes two—meals each day. Make a difference by pooling funds to purchase groceries and gift cards for those in need.

Food delivery for seniors

Because of the high risks at this time, many seniors cannot leave their home to buy groceries and other essentials. And in some cases, many cannot afford them. Consider collecting funds and recruiting volunteers to make this happen.

“For millions of low-income seniors, coronavirus is a food-security issue.”

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Brookings Institute, Annelies Goger

School supplies for remote learning

With remote learning happening (or on the immediate horizon after spring break), many families don’t have the tools needed at home to make this happen for their children. Coordinate with your school to identify the need and start collecting.

KQRD offers an excellent article with online resources for teaching and learning during this period of social distancing.

Teacher gratitude through meals

Teachers also typically rely on at least one meal per day provided by the school. With recent changes, this missing meal is an inconvenience. Starting a monthly teacher meal program is a great way to show gratitude.

Looking for something that doesn’t involve collecting money? Consider these options to make an impact:

Donate to your local food bank.
As COVID-19 spreads, food banks could experience additional pressures. Most food banks give you the option to donate both food or money, so do what works for you.

Keep in touch with at-risk neighbors.
Seniors and those with chronic conditions are top of mind for everyone these days. If you have neighbors in this situation, check in with them daily to see how you can help.

Stay social with virtual check ins.
Whether it’s a phone call, facetime or a Zoom call, consider scheduling time where you can catch up and be social with friends, family or teammates. Consider a virtual happy hour!

Support local businesses.
Think about ordering take out at some of your favorite restaurants to support your local service industry. We think changing “Taco Tuesday” to “Takeout Tuesday” has a nice ring to it!

Feeling Inspired?

Create a collection page in minutes and share your link. All payments and information are tracked automatically and can be easily exported to Excel for instant reporting.