Managing summer camp registration is an entire job in and of itself. We get it — that’s why we created Cheddar Up! Don’t let the juggling of paperwork and payments, waivers and medical information distract from planning (and enjoying!) an unforgettable experience.

Let us help you make this the best summer yet. Cheddar Up can:

Automatically track all registrations with our camp registration software

Yes, we said “all.” Cheddar Up’s flexible camp registration software allows you to create forms — including waivers! — for anything you need. 

  • Summer camp activity preference ranking
  • Band camp water station volunteers
  • Allergy emergency care plans
  • T-shirt orders
  • Outdoor camp safety forms
Truly, the options are endless. The fields are entirely customizable and can coincide with payment collections, so you can collect forms and fees at the same time, in the same place. You won’t have to sort anything or enter data. We do it for you.

Multiple summer events? No problem. You can create separate collections, each with its own corresponding forms, within your group page.

Offering different activities at different price points? That sounds like a job for item variations.

Oh, you have summer-only merchandise too? You can list that too!

Eliminate Paperwork

Our one-stop online shop means no piles. Our camp registration software lets you say goodbye to three-ring binders and with them, the time spent organizing and stressing over whether you packed the right one or lost a VIP (very important paper). With the Cheddar Up app, you can have everything literally at your fingertips.

Log camp waivers and medical information

We know one of, if not THE most important, summer camp leadership jobs is keeping everyone safe. Our customizable, paperless camp registration software can help with this too: You can create safety waivers, medical forms, and allergy alerts inside your collections — which instantly saves them in a safe, secure, accessible place.

Use any payment method — including credit cards on the spot
Most people use plastic more than cash or checks. Cheddar Up maximizes convenience and minimizes follow up with online payments. Users can pay through your collection page, or you can swipe cards with our special card reader. Not only can you collect payments sooner, there’s also no additional tracking step. You can still collect cash and check, too; you’ll simply need to check off that it’s received under the registrant’s name.
Free you to plan and participate
Summer camps run on behind-the-scenes work. Organizing registration details is essential — unfortunately, that high-priority job can rob time you need to plan and execute the actual event. Our streamlined solution handles the logistics in less time without cutting corners, which gives you back time to focus on the experience for your campers and even enjoy it with them!
Hand off easily to anyone

That’s right: With Cheddar Up’s camp registration software, you can delegate without having to explain your particular, personalized system. And should you pass off your camp coordinator responsibilities, the next leader (and the next and the next) won’t need to reinvent the wheel — again, leaving more time for summer camp, less time for confusion.

Not up for reading? No problem!

Check out our video library that will guide you every step of the way. Or contact Cheddar Up Support to help you get started with our camp registration software.

Fun fact:  There are about 12,000 overnight and day camps in the U.S. and even more heroic camp organizers!

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