5 Sharp Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

Hey, band boosters: We know you’re always thinking of marching band fundraising ideas — and we are too, thanks to the fantastic collections that come in from our users! Here are five we’ve seen, loved, and watched bring in the donations. Pick one, two, or all of them, and be on your way to funding those uniforms, marching band competitions, banquets, travel, and more.

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Successful Marching Band Fundraiser Ideas

Not only are these fun, unique ideas, they’re also confirmed money-makers.

1. Tag Day

During a specified amount of time, marching band members walk door-to-door to deliver “tags” and ask for donations. The “tags” are a bookmark-sized schedule of the band’s games and performances — and the perfect spot for a QR code for your Cheddar Up collection. 

2. Repurpose and Sell Old Band Uniforms

What a perfect way to clear out the band closets and bring in some cash. Simply sell old (cleaned) band uniforms and shakos as-is, or turn them into momentos! Parma (OH) Senior High upcycled uniforms into pillows, tote bags, ornaments and keychains. So creative and clever. 

3. Rehearse-a-Thon Uniforms

The Loudoun County High School Marching Raiders in Leesburg, Virginia, doubled up their beginning-of-season camp with a fundraiser. Each marcher was tasked to raise $100 in personal sponsorships over the course of the week. The band collectively raised more than $5,500 in this effort!

4. Seasonal Concerts + Recordings

In addition to football games and marching band competitions, plan a themed, ticketed event. We’ve seen holiday parades around the school’s parking lot, and a zombie walk that concluded with a concert at the finish line. (Is that your next costumed Halloween event?) Take a note from Lakeshore High School Marching Band in Stevensville, Michigan, and sell recordings and photos from every performance, and direct all proceeds back to the band fund.

5. Sponsorships with Program or Banner Tributes

Many band boosters solicit sponsorships each year from corporate partners, family, and/or friends. In return, sponsors receive an advertisement in the football program, a banner at football games, or their name or brand logo on band goods. The options are endless, really!

What’s your marching band fundraising idea?

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