5 Sharp Ideas for HOAs and Neighborhoods

We’ve had a lot of HOAs move into Cheddar Up’s online-payment neighborhood lately. Hi, we’re so happy to have you! Here’s a look at some of the most clever, most organized collections we’ve seen these users create for community events and happenings. Grab one of their HOA event ideas or dues collections to create your own today.

HOA Fees, Three Ways
Given that online group payments is the Cheddar Up specialty, it’s likely no surprise that HOA dues are the No. 1 reason that neighborhoods use our platform. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Thanks to the versatility of Cheddar Up, different neighborhoods have created different formats to fit their needs. We thought these three showcased three distinct ways to collect your HOA dues:
Include a way to donate

One community’s collection combines one required item for annual dues with an optional donation to the beautification fund.

Free Resources for Creating a Custom Collection on Cheddar Up
Make tracking simple
Hillside Heights provides a separate item for each address, which simplifies tracking who has or hasn’t paid on time.
Teacher gift ideas
Offer recurring payments
MVCA lets members decide between manual or recurring payments. (We detail how and why to use recurring payments in this blog post.)
Community Enrichment Programs
Hello, group page! A group page is one of our favorite features because you can round up all your Cheddar Up collections in one spot. We absolutely love this HOA event idea from BeTa Community Programs in Saratoga Springs, New York. Their group page is a home base for both information and sign-ups for a new enrichment program.
Neighborhood Store
Delwood 2 has their own swag! In addition to using a collection to solicit annual neighborhood dues, they offer stickers, magnets, tote bags, and koozies. Selling merch is simple on Cheddar Up: We help you set quantities, track sizes sold, and even create shipping labels if you need to mail items. And as you’ll see in this example collection, it integrates seamlessly with other payment needs. For more commerce features, click here.


Community Events

We love this HOA event idea featuring wine tastings, food trucks, and live music! They used a Cheddar Up collection to presell tickets at a discounted rate. Note: If you’re hosting an event that both sells tickets online and at the door, we have a point-of-sale feature that allows you to take credit cards on the spot — and our detailed reports will track the quantities for both online and in-person sales.

Group Discounts
This collection is a savvy business move and helpful for neighbors looking into the same services: Mosquito Hunters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offers group packages by neighborhood. We’re featuring just one example, but the company created a collection for each neighborhood they service — so the data will be tracked by community, instead of having to sort through a master list of clients (and potentially missing someone). And speaking of discounts, we also allow you to create your own discount codes for buyers to use!

Ready to see how HOAs and neighborhoods use Cheddar Up to collect dues and organize events? Set up your collection today!

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