Elevating Scout Adventures with Cheddar Up: Elysia’s Story

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Committee Chair, Pack 507
Roseville, CA

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In the bustling world of Pack 507, where young scouts embark on adventures from kindergarten through fifth grade, Elysia Baines shines as a beacon of enthusiasm and dedication. As the current committee chair and former treasurer, Elysia has been instrumental in steering Pack 507 through its financial navigation, discovering a golden treasure in Cheddar Up. Let’s dive into the vibrant journey of Pack 507 and uncover how Cheddar Up has transformed their operations, all while fostering a stronger community spirit.

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A Discovery Journey to Cheddar Up

The search for a secure and efficient payment solution led Elysia to Cheddar Up about two years ago, sparked by conversations within a Cub Scout volunteers’ Facebook group. Amidst growing concerns over the hassle of traditional payment methods, Cheddar Up emerged as the perfect ally, aligning with the pack’s needs for simplicity, security, and flexibility. The platform’s introduction was timely, especially considering the challenges of managing finances for a group that dynamically fluctuates in size.

“We’ve collected over $10,000 and it’s phenomenal to think about how I would have collected that money without Cheddar Up.”


Elysia, Committee Chair
Pack 507

“It’s easy for me to go back and see where the payments are coming from. And if I get cash, I can log it as a cash payment in Cheddar Up so I know where it came from…It gives us a very trackable way to follow the money.”


Elysia, Committee Chair
Pack 507

Financial Management with Cheddar Up

From campouts to district-level events, Pack 507’s vibrant activity calendar requires a seamless financial operation. Cheddar Up stands out as the hero in this narrative, offering intuitive event-specific collections that simplify how families contribute to the pack’s endeavors. Elysia highlighted the versatility of Cheddar Up, from adjusting fees based on participation to effortlessly tracking t-shirt inventory for events. The platform’s ability to handle varied payment options and provide immediate financial updates has been a game-changer, ensuring every scout’s participation is hassle-free and inclusive.

Community and Connections

Beyond the logistics and numbers, Elysia’s heart truly lies in the community Pack 507 nurtures. Pack 507 has welcomed scouts from various backgrounds and schools after other packs closed during COVID. She expressed a deep affection for the connections built within and beyond the pack, emphasizing how these relationships have enriched the lives of both the scouts and their families. The ability to support a wide geography with online payments has been a great tool for a growing community.

“The problem is after COVID we were really small and then we started to grow and just needed an easier way to collect funds.”


Elysia, Committee Chair
Pack 507

Favorite Moments and Memorable Events

When asked about her favorite aspects of Pack 507, Elysia’s excitement was palpable. She fondly recalled their overnight stay on the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier, as one of the standout events that the pack paid for using Cheddar Up. Such unique experiences offer scouts a glimpse into history and adventure and strengthen their camaraderie and sense of belonging. Special events like this are made effortlessly manageable, thanks to Cheddar Up’s streamlined system.

Pack 507’s story, as shared by Elysia Baines, is a vivid illustration of how technology like Cheddar Up can empower community groups, simplifying administrative tasks to focus on what truly matters – creating unforgettable experiences and fostering strong connections. As Pack 507 continues to grow and embark on new adventures, Cheddar Up remains their trusted companion, ensuring that every event is a step towards building a more engaged, vibrant, and unified community.

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