Easy Scout Payments with Cheddar Up

Cheddar Up makes handling scout payments super easy. Whether you’re in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Trail Life, or American Heritage Girls, Cheddar Up is here to help.

Why use Cheddar Up to collect scout payments

Cheddar Up is already trusted by 1000s of troops to collect scout payments and information all in one place. Troop leaders and treasurers save countless hours of admin work so they can focus more on planning exciting activities.

Automatically track everything

Yes, we said “everything.” Cheddar Up lets you gather payments and create forms, like waivers and sign ups, for anything you want. Think:

  • Collect troop dues
  • Purchase camp gear
  • Organize payments and registrations for outings and adventures
  • Manage badge purchases
  • Coordinate camp sign-ups

  • Sell cookies or popcorn online and in-person

Forms are 100% customizable and collected in the same transaction as payments. You won’t have to sort anything or enter data. We do it for you.

Eliminate paperwork

A one-stop online shop means no piles, no handwritten checks, and no cash boxes. Say goodbye to three-ring binders and the time spent organizing. With our mobile apps (for Apple and Android), you can have everything at your fingertips.

Keep an eye on troop finances

With Cheddar Up, tracking money becomes effortless:

  • You can see who’s paid and when
  • Generate reports to understand your troop’s finances
  • Download all the details you need for record-keeping

Hand off easily to anyone

We promise: Cheddar Up has a very low learning curve due to our simple, step-by-step interface. You can also add multiple users to your account, and everyone will maintain their own login credentials. (No password sharing!) 

As the next leader (and the next and the next) comes in, you won’t need to reinvent the wheel. Your account history will stay intact, too.

Use any payment method — including credit cards on the spot

Users can pay through your collection page, or you can swipe and tap cards with our mobile apps or card readers. You can collect cash and checks, too. Simply manually record it, we’ll automatically total it with your online payments. 

Having various payment options helps people pay quickly with a single dashboard for you to manage them all.

Scout payment examples on Cheddar Up

See how simple it can be – check out these examples.

How to start collecting

Collecting scout payments and information for any scout group is easy – and free! – with Cheddar Up.

Step #2

Create a collection. Name your collection (e.g., “Troop 123 Dues”) and customize it with images or specific themes to make it more engaging.

Step #3

Add payment items. In your collection, add items that represent the payments you need to collect. These can be membership dues, event fees, or uniform costs.

Step #4

Share your collection. Once your collection is ready, share it with parents and guardians. Cheddar Up provides several options for sharing, including a custom URL, QR code, or email.

Step #5

Track payments. Cheddar Up automatically tracks who has paid, updating your collection in real-time. The platform also sends automatic confirmation emails to payers, providing them with a receipt and peace of mind.

Step #6

Withdraw funds. Once you have collected the payments, easily withdraw the funds to the troop’s bank account. Cheddar Up allows multiple withdrawals, and there are no fees for withdrawing your money.

Want to use Cheddar Up for your troop?

As a troop leader you have enough on your plate. Lighten the load – sign up for Cheddar Up.

Collect for FREE

Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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