Egg my yard: An unforgettable fundraiser

Easter offers a unique opportunity to bring joy to families and communities while supporting a good cause. The Egg My Yard fundraiser is an innovative way to raise fund, and create unforgettable Easter memories. This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of the process. From planning to execution, we’ve got everything to ensure your fundraiser is a success.

But first….

Before diving into the steps to set up your Egg My Yard fundraiser, let’s explore what this event entails. Participants pay for volunteers to secretly place plastic eggs throughout their yards on the night before Easter. This delivers a magical surprise for children to discover on Easter morning. This provides a delightful experience for families and fosters support for a worthwhile cause.

Step 1: Planning Your Egg My Yard Fundraiser

Define your goal

Start by setting a clear objective for your fundraiser. How much are you trying to raise for your project, charity, or community need? Knowing your goal will help guide your planning and marketing efforts.

Choose your dates

Select a date for your egg deliveries. Ideally, this should be the day before Easter to ensure families wake up to a delightful yard in the morning. Also, set a deadline for sign-ups to give yourself enough time to prepare.

Set your pricing

Decide how much you will charge for each Egg My Yard package. Offer different packages based on the number of eggs and any additional goodies, like candy or small toys, that you might include in the eggs.

Gather supplies

You’ll need plastic eggs, candies or small toys to fill the eggs, and volunteers to prepare and deliver them. Consider reaching out to local businesses for donations of eggs, candies, or funds to cover costs.

Step 2: Setting Up with Cheddar Up

Create your Egg my Yard collection page

Utilize Cheddar Up to set up a collection page for your fundraiser. Include clear descriptions of the different packages available, pricing, and a form for participants to provide delivery instructions and any special requests.

Manage your sales

Keep track of payments and any special instructions all in one place. This ensures nothing gets missed in the preparation and delivery process.

Step 3: Marketing your Egg my Yard fundraiser

Social media campaigns

Leverage social media platforms to spread the word about your Egg My Yard fundraiser. Create engaging posts that highlight the joy and excitement of the event. Use before-and-after photos from previous years if available. Include a direct link to your collection page to make it easy for participants to sign up.

Local community engagement

Reach out to local schools, churches, and community centers to promote your fundraiser. Flyers and posters in these high-traffic areas can attract participants who may not be reached via social media.

Email marketing

Send out emails to your organization’s mailing list, detailing the fundraiser and how it supports your cause. Personal stories can make your message more compelling.

Step 4: Preparing for Delivery

Volunteer coordination

Assign volunteers to specific tasks, including egg stuffing, route planning for deliveries, and any special setup requests from participants. Ensure each team understands their role and responsibilities to streamline the process.

Safety and expectations

Remind volunteers to respect participants’ properties during deliveries. Provide guidelines on where to place eggs to avoid damage and ensure the surprise is delightful, not disruptive.

Step 5: Execution

Late start

Begin deliveries at night to ensure all yards are egged after families are home for the evening. This requires coordination and punctuality from all volunteers. Be sure to text families prior to going to their house so they know when to expect you.

Photo documentation

Take before-and-after photos of each yard (with permission) to share with participants and use in future marketing efforts. This visual proof of your hard work and their joy can boost future engagement.

Emergency contacts

Have a system in place for volunteers to reach organizers in case of issues or questions during deliveries. This ensures any problems can be resolved quickly, maintaining the joy of the event.

Step 6: Wrapping Up

Thank your participants and volunteers

After the event, send thank you emails to everyone who participated and volunteered. Sharing the success of the fundraiser and its impact will foster a sense of community and achievement.

Evaluate and improve

Finally, gather feedback from participants and volunteers to identify what worked well and what could be improved. Use this information to make your next Egg My Yard fundraiser even more successful.

The Egg My Yard fundraiser is more than just a fundraising event. It’s an opportunity to bring joy and community spirit to your neighborhood while supporting a worthy cause. By following these steps and using Cheddar Up, you can create an unforgettable Easter experience for families and a successful fundraiser for your organization.

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