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Collecting payments and information the easy way

How Cheddar Up Partners with Girl Scout Councils

A group-collecting platform like Cheddar Up is the quintessential tool for collecting payments and information for a Girl Scout troop. Quite literally, Cheddar Up has thought through every possible group-collecting use case that a troop might have and has created...

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Top 5 Travel-Planning Apps and Girls Trip Destinations

Send the Doldrums Packing This year, in an effort to combat the January doldrums, ditch the hygge for something a lot better—travel planning. Those infamous January blues can be as pesky as your husband’s single college roommate who came for a weekend visit and was...

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How to make a cheese platter like a boss

We know that no matter how subtle, criticism from the in-laws can cause the holidays to nose dive in a hurry. Instead of getting angry, we say, stuff their faces with cheese and chocolate and they won’t be able to get those hurtful words out! Are you looking for some...

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