Top 5 Ways to Move Your PTA Fundraising Online

PTA fundraising starts NOW!

This PTA fundraising stuff…it doesn’t just happen magically. We know it takes hours of painstaking planning and coordination. The end of the school year is actually the best time to start planning your PTA fundraising ideas for the upcoming year.

And with a new year comes a fresh start for innovation and simplicity. That‘s where Cheddar Up comes in. We want to help take your PTA payments and forms online and, if we’re completely honest, blow people’s minds with how much busy work you eliminate and how much money you raise.

Online Payments = More Money

Moving payments online is a no-brainer. Our data shows a nearly 70% increase in the amount collected when payments are moved online.

Until now, however, many PTAs have been reticent to take payments online due to high processing fees and steep learning curves when it comes to adding a payment portal to website pages.

Enter Cheddar Up. Cheddar Up allows PTAs to collect for free. By default, all processing fees are passed along to payers. Over 90% of our PTA users choose to pass fees on to payers simply because our e-Check processing fees are the lowest in the industry.

Online Forms = More Participation

When you create an online collection page on Cheddar Up, you can collect payments and information ALL IN THE SAME SPOT.

With every fundraiser you move online, be sure to include a form that captures volunteer interest. This can be for current PTA events or next year’s PTA positions. Your nominating committee will thank you for the great pool of candidates.

Top 5 ways to move your PTA fundraising online

1. PTA Dues

Increase membership with this simple change—offer an online way to pay. When you create an online payment page (collection) you’ll have a powerful marketing tool. You can include your page’s link on all of your communications beginning well before school starts (think back-to-school emails) and throughout the year. Include the ability to join the PTA on your school’s website, eblasts, social pages and even printed materials.

2. Fall Registration

Eliminate those long back-to-school registration lines. Create an online collection page that does it for you. Include it all—from dues to waivers to volunteer sign ups to sponsorships.

When registration day arrives, use our point-of-sale swiper to accept payments in person to keep all of your registration payment and form information in one spot.

3. Events

Want to increase parent participation at your PTA fundraising events? Promote early, promote often! That’s what an online event page on Cheddar Up gives you. Sell tickets in advance by promoting a link to your event in all your communications. Download the app and take ticket payments at the event. Again, all of your payments and information will be in one spot (we can’t say this enough).

4. Spirit Wear

Scrap those paper order forms. Now you can move your Spirit Wear store online! Add images, create categories…even track inventory. You can promote your online store year round and sell MORE!

5. Annual Giving

Considering a direct donation drive this year? It’s a successful PTA fundraising trend that can’t be ignored. Offer an online giving option to ensure it’s a success. Much like PTA Membership, you’ll want to include the link to your annual giving campaign on all of your communications throughout the year. More noise = more money. Even better? You keep every penny that’s donated!

Move your PTA’s fundraising payments and forms online with Cheddar Up

Collecting for everything from PTA Memberships to Enrichment Programs has never been easier! Create a collection in minutes and share your link. All payments and information are tracked automatically and can be easily exported to Excel for instant reporting.

Collect for FREE

Whether you’re collecting dues and fees, fundraising, managing an event, creating a sign up, or selling something online or in-person, you can do it with a Cheddar Up collection.

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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