Create a holiday group gift collection for your group faster than you can say “I forgot to move the elf!”

Raise your hand to collect for a gift from the group for your favorite teacher, coach, troop leader or  volunteer extraordinaire? It’s a wrap with Cheddar Up. Here’s how to create a collection, share your link and watch the holiday cheer roll in.

Step 1:

Log into Cheddar Up and click “Create”

Add 10 seconds (depending on typing speed) if you need to create an account. Just click “get started” enter your name, email address and currency. Done.


Step 2:

Give your collection a name and image

Get 10 points and a gold star if you happen to have an image of the the recipient. If not, help yourself to this adorable image:


Step 3:

Add an item

Name your item “Gift Donation”. Choose “Open Amount” so payers can contribute whatever amount they feel is appropriate. Want extra credit? Add questions to the item such as “Would you like to include a special message?”, so payers can add their personal touch.


Step 4:

Share your link with the group

Invite people to contribute via Cheddar Up Invitation, or simply copy the link into your own group email or text message. Because sometimes the muse doesn’t always show up, we’ve conveniently included a sample letter for you to copy, paste and edit to your heart’s content:


Dear Fans of [recipient’s name],

This year, I’m making giving a holiday gift easy! If you’d like to contribute to a gift card from the entire group, please just click the link below and pay online:

[your Cheddar Up collection link here]

An amount of $15 is suggested, but any contribution is highly appreciated. I will be presenting a gift card to [store] along with a personalized note with contributor’s names and special messages.

Let’s show [recipient’s name] how much we appreciate [him/her] this holiday season.

Thank you!

And you’re done!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the automatic tracking and notifications you receive when people contribute. When you’re ready to purchase the gift, click “Withdraw” on your manage view, and your funds will be transferred into your bank account of choice. You can withdraw as many times as you’d like and for free.

Giving to a teacher from the classroom? Be sure to check out our guide to the Best Teacher Gifts to find out what teachers would really love to receive from their classroom.  

Move your payment and form collections online with Cheddar Up

Collecting for everything from field trips to teacher gifts has never been easier! Create a collection page in minutes and share your link. All payments and information are tracked automatically and can be easily exported to Excel for instant reporting.

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

Learn more about paying on Cheddar Up