Cheddar Up Changemakers: Empowering Community Heroes

At Cheddar Up, we’re not just about simplifying payments and collections — we’re about empowering those who make a difference in their communities. That’s where our Cheddar Up Changemakers program steps in. This initiative is our way of recognizing and supporting those who tirelessly work to create positive change.

Every quarter, we call for entries from individuals and organizations who are making a real impact. From supporting local arts to improving educational programs, our Changemakers are the beating heart of their communities.

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Giving Tuesday: The Inaugural Cheddar Up Changemakers Contest

This Giving Tuesday, we were overwhelmed by the incredible stories of dedication and service from our entrants. Selecting winners was no small task, but we are excited to announce and celebrate three outstanding initiatives that truly embody the spirit of change and community service.

2023 4th Quarter Changemakers

Frisco Threads Student Clothes Closet

Serving 74 campuses, Frisco Threads Student Clothes Closet provides students in need with gently used clothing, new athletic shoes, undergarments, and socks – essentials that foster both comfort and confidence. This program, fully backed by community contributions and powered by volunteers, has made a substantial impact in their community. Their efforts exemplify the profound difference that compassion and community support can make in preparing students for success.

Infinity Ballet Theatre

Infinity Ballet Theatre is more than a dance company; it’s a vibrant community of professional artists dedicated to enriching lives through dance. Their mission extends beyond training young and adult dancers; they nurture their participants’ abilities and encourage them to use their art to contribute positively to the community. This commitment to service is evident in their performances at free of charge local events such as town festivals, schools, senior centers, and museums.

Evergreen Elementary Sports Program

The Evergreen Elementary Sports Program is a shining example of a community-driven effort to promote sports inclusivity. Dedicated to offering free and equitable access to sports for all elementary students, their work is pivotal in shaping the physical and character development of young athletes. By eliminating financial barriers, they ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate, learn, and grow through sports.

Join the Movement: The Next Cheddar Up Changemakers Contest

Inspired by these stories? You too can be a part of this movement! Our Cheddar Up Changemakers contest is a quarterly event, and we’re always on the lookout for individuals and organizations making a difference. Whether you’re nurturing young minds, supporting the arts, or leading a community initiative, we want to hear from you. Come back next quarter and submit your entry.

At Cheddar Up, we believe that every effort to improve the community is a step towards a better world. The Changemakers program is our way of acknowledging and supporting these efforts. Congratulations once again to our 2023 Giving Tuesday winners — Frisco Threads Student Clothes Closet, Infinity Ballet Theatre, and Evergreen Elementary Sports Program. You are the change agents who inspire us all.

Stay tuned for more stories of change and the next group of winners. Together, let’s make a difference, one community at a time.

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