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Cheddar Up surveyed teachers across the nation and grade levels. Here is what we found:

8 out of 10

would like a gift card


1. Restaurant

2. Online Retailer

3. Visa/MC

4. Coffee Shop

5. Grocery Card

Of the teachers surveyed 2 out of 10 would like one of the following:

1. Handwritten Note

2. Money

3. Homemade Crafts

4. Monogrammed Items


Are you a classoom or PTA volunteer?

When you collect money online with Cheddar Up, you’ll enjoy world-class customer support beginning with our team of in-house cheerleaders who can walk you through your first collection. With instant tracking, automatic reminders and simple handoff, we can make your life easy.

Introducing your new collection page

Introducing your new collection page Whether you’re a long-time user of Cheddar Up or a newcomer, we want you to know about the awesomeness that is our new and improved collection page—a page that is hit with brute force on a daily basis from people all over North...

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Introducing Mailing Labels

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Each season our team asks, “What would make our users’ sales even easier…what would save them more time?” When we asked you, we heard resoundingly… built-in shipping labels! Whether you’re selling samples or spirit wear, you can purchase and...

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When Payments Met Forms

Introducing 5 new question formats that are just your type One of the things that makes Cheddar Up so attractive to organizers is the ability to collect both payments AND forms together, seamlessly. And now we’ve made it even easier to collect the information you...

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The 2-minute Holiday Collection

Create a holiday gift collection for your group faster than you can say “I forgot to move the elf!” Raise your hand to collect for a gift from the group for your favorite teacher, coach, troop leader or  volunteer extraordinaire? It’s a wrap with Cheddar Up. Here's...

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Video: Collect Money from Your Girl Scout Troop

Watch the video below to learn how Cheddar Up makes collecting payments easy. Collecting for a camp out, monthly dues, special outing? Cheddar Up partners with many Girl Scout councils to allow troops and service units to collect payments (and information) online for:...

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Waivers are here!

You asked for it. We waivered.Troop leaders asked for printable activity waivers; PTAs needed parent permission forms for fun runs. (You don‘t even want to know how many signed forms are required for marching bands.)Cheddar Up has always made moving both payments and...

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