Easily collect Girl Scout dues for your troop

From Girl Scout dues to outings and cookie sales, Cheddar Up makes collecting money from your troop simple and free.

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Designed for Girl Scout troops

Cheddar Up was built to make troop payment processing easy and intuitive. Start collecting in minutes—simply create a collection page and share the link. All payments and information are tracked automatically and easily exported to Excel. No more data entry!

Step 1: Build

Create a free account on Cheddar Up and build a collection page for anything. Add unlimited items and form fields to collect money online.

Step 2: Share

Share a link with your community in an eblast, newsletter, website or social media…the sky’s the limit!

Step 3: Manage

Instantly track all Girl Scout dues payments and information. Withdraw funds directly to your group’s bank account for free. No more busy work.

Cheddar Up can help collect Girl Scout dues and payments for just about anything

“band fees”

Save hours of busy work and see all of your payments and collected information online and on the go. Even better? Replicate annual collections with one click, year after year and make handoff a breeze.

  • Girl Scout dues
  • Camporee
  • Gear
  • In-person product sales
  • Outings and events
  • Badges and insignia
  • Camps
  • Ticket sales
  • Fundraisers… the sky’s the limit

Custom Forms, Sign Ups, and Waivers too!

We get it. Collecting money from your community requires much more than the swipe of a card. You need to collect information associated with your troop payments, volunteer sign ups for events, and so much more. With Cheddar Up, you can seamlessly create custom forms to collect the information you need — including signatures!

contact registration examples
Troop contact forms

Payers love the simplicity. Organizers love the reports.
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event registration examples
Event registration

Ticket sales and sign ups. We take care of the busywork.
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contact registration examples
Camp waivers

You’re covered with online waivers and easy exports.
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Girl Scout cookie orders
Cookie Orders

Cheddar Up has e-commerce tools to help you sell more.
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merchandise and spirit wear examples
Uniforms and Badges

See why troop leaders love Cheddar Up’s flexibility.
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Go from online to in-person seamlessly

Accept in-person cookie payments with ease. Whether online or in-person, our mobile app lets you keep all your payments within Cheddar Up.

Download the free app for iOS or Android and start taking payments immediately.

“band fees”
“band fees”

Track troop payments and forms in one click

Moving your community online seem daunting? Not anymore. With Cheddar Up, you’ll save hours of busy work so you can focus on more important stuff.

  • Automatic reminders and follow-up
  • Automatic tracking and notifications
  • One-click spreadsheet export
  • Unlimited withdrawals to bank account
  • Easy handoff with online history
  • Manage on-the-go with our mobile apps

Here’s what others say about us

"collect pta payments"
“I started using Cheddar Up for my Girl Scout troop and after realizing the power of its feature set and flexibility, I brought it into other groups in my life including our service unit and my daughter’s high school PTSA and cheer club.”
Gloria Halfacre
Troop Leader and Service Unit Manager
"collect pta payments"
“It’s just easy. When I first started using it, I didn’t even go through the tutorial. I just got in there and set it up. It was so simple. It’s SUCH a clean platform. Having easy access to reporting has saved our treasurer and volunteers hours of time.”
Andrea Fraser
Northeast Elementary School PTA
"collect pta payments"
“Cheddar Up saves leaders’ time and helps them collect more money, more efficiently. If you know about Cheddar Up, then you should be using it all the time. I can use it to collect for an event, a donation and even to set up an online store.”
Christina Hidek
Greenview Upper Elementary PTA

Features perfect for your troop

Take your Girl Scout troop to the next level with more great features to help you save time and collect more money.

"collect pta payments"

Multiple Managers

Add Managers and set permissions to control what they can do and access.

"collect pta payments"

Account-wide Reporting

Access a global summary with detail across all of your collections.
"collect pta payments"

Single Troop Page

Share one link and payers can browse all of your collections at once.
"collect pta payments"

Recurring Payments

Allow your community to make repeat payments automatically.

A Trusted Girl Scout Council Partner

Cheddar Up partners with Girl Scout councils to provide advanced features and functionality. Councils can provide custom council templates and logos to their troops, streamlined signups, and view a custom dashboard to see a summary of participating troops’ activity.

Ready to start?

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Learn everything you need to know to get started in six minutes!

See all features

Check out more features that help groups like yours collect payments and Information.

You’ll want to ask your group’s organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it’s not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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