A payments alternative to PayPal that’s made specifically for groups

Cheddar Up vs Paypal — what’s the difference you ask? For starters, Cheddar Up was made to help groups with online payments and forms, instant tracking, one-click reporting and more.

Cheddar Up vs. PayPal

While we admire PayPal’s sheer reach and features, collecting both payments and information from tens or hundreds or even thousands of people requires well…more. Here’s a quick look at how Cheddar Up stacks up.

Cheddar Up
Made for groups
Friction-free payments and group tracking

No app necessary
Pay without downloading an app or creating an account

Payments and forms
Collect money AND information (no more separate forms)

Custom payment pages
Online payment pages for anything (events, dues, donations...)

Easy handoff
Easily pass the reigns or share duties with an online history

Item and collection-specific reporting
Detailed tracking makes reporting a breeze

Integrated point of sale
Online and in-person payments and tracking in one spot
Cheddar Up
Made for groups

No app necessary

Payments and forms

Custom payment pages

Easy handoff

Item and collection-specific reporting

Integrated point of sale

Cheddar Up vs PayPal: Fees and Payment Methods

Unlike other group payment platforms, is it always free to collect on Cheddar Up. Non-profits, sellers and volunteer-led organizations love Cheddar Up because they keep 100% of the payments they receive. Another key benefit of Cheddar Up is its sheer flexibility when it comes to absorbing fees: choose to absorb all fees or only e-check fees. You can even offer your payers the option to pay fees during checkout—perfect for fundraising drives and donations.

Cheddar Up
By default payer pays fees
Organizer can choose to absorb fees or give payer the option to cover fees
Credit Card
3.5% + $0.59
Basic Plan: Not offered
Pro Plan: Flat 0.75% (minimum $1)
Team Plan: Flat $0.59
free (and tracked!)
Collector pays fees
Credit Card
3.49% +$0.49
Balance or Bank Transfer
Free (payer needs account)

*Fees shown as of 08/2022. Please confirm with other vendors’ fees in case of changes or increases.

You’re in good company

Each month, Cheddar Up serves thousands of groups and communities across the US and Canada, helping them collect millions of dollars in payments (plus information) for just about anything. But don’t take our word for it, check out Cheddar Up reviews from our users.

”All in all Cheddar Up is the best thing that has allowed us to collect both money and memories in a way that serves both our children and school to have a most successful outcome for all parties involved. It ‘s so great that we now share the application to all of our surrounding districts to inspire everyone to use this most user friendly application and make volunteering easier and rewarding for all.”


6TH Grade Parents’ Committee 22

Why Organizers Choose Cheddar Up vs PayPal

online gifts for teachers
Cheddar Up has mastered easy-to-use, tracking and reporting that happens dynamically so there’s no need for spreadsheets and never a question of where money came from.
With Cheddar Up, you can always pay as a guest. That means no need for payers to download an app or even create an account.
When collecting from a group, there’s often information associated with a payment (e.g., size, contact info, signature, etc.). Moving both payments, forms and waivers online is a gamechanger.
Create unlimited branded collection pages with custom URLs for everything your group needs: dues, events, donations, gear… you name it.
It’s common for groups to need to collect online and in-person payments. Cheddar Up handles both seamlessly across web and mobile apps, keeping all payments and tracking in one spot.
Handing someone else the reigns and transitioning an account is simple with Cheddar Up. Your history remains intact, which results in zero reinvention and less headache all the way around.

Ready to start?

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Cheddar Up

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