Tips to Make Your Sample Sale a Success

Wondering how your peers are making THOUSANDS on their sample sale? We’ve helped thousands of direct sellers with their sale. Here’s how they do it:

Create Momentum

1. Create a BIG Sale

Sales with more items sell more. Add as many items as you can! And make sure you upgrade to PRO. It’s a no-brainer. You’ll earn back this investment tenfold if not more and you can upgrade and downgrade as you see fit.

2. Give advance notice

Tell you customers about your sale at LEAST 1-2 days in advance of sharing your link. Then they’re on the look out for it.

3. Share with hostesses first

You have a link to your sale and it’s powerful. Consider giving your best customers and hostesses a one-day lead to shop. Let them know about this privilege. This will motivate them to shop early before the masses have access and teh good stuff is GONE.

4. Set start and end time

Use our “Set Timing” feature. Share your link the night before it goes live and early arrivers will see a super snazzy countdown clock (the suspense!). If you promoted your sale a couple days in advance, this continues to build on that momentum.

Promote, Promote, Promote

5. Give 'em the 1-2-3 punch

People are busy and sometimes don’t read! Unfortunately, sharing your link just once won’t get you the results you want. Promote your sale via all your channels (email, Facebook, text)… not once but MANY times. And don’t just paste that link — call out items that “OMG, are still available!”, make a photo collage, promote the limited-time discount. You get the idea…PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!

6. Give a discount to those who book a show

Add our “Save $20 when you book a Style Session” item to your sale. It’s located in our pre-built product catalogs. This entices customers with a free sample so they’ll commit to booking a main season show. We’ve seen sellers book more than 5 shows this way. Once they commit to a date for their show, use our Discount Code feature to give them $20 off a total order so they can go back and shop your sale again… this time with their handy reward.  

Follow Up and Grow!

7. Follow up with those who have browsed but not bought

Turn on our Visitor Report and you’ll have access to crazy valuable data. You’ll see not only who’s bought but also who has visited. Drop those folks an email and tell them to take a second look before the sale ends.

8. Use the Visitor Report to grow your marketing list

Because sample sales are often forwarded among friends, sellers using our Visitor Report usually grow their marketing list by 50-100 people! These are new customers who are interested in the brand and took time to browse your sale. Now you can market to them year round!

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

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