Elevating the Middle School PTO with Cheddar Up: Lindsay’s Story

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West Middle (PTO)


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For Lindsay Jensen, taking the helm as the president of the West Middle Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) wasn’t just a volunteer position; it was a chance to profoundly impact the school community. With a background in education and a clear vision for growth, Lindsay embarked on a journey to modernize and streamline the PTO’s operations. This journey led her to Cheddar Up, transforming how the PTO organized events, collected funds, and engaged with parents and students.

School fundraising platform

A New Chapter for West Middle PTO

Lindsay’s story with the West Middle PTO began in a quest for efficiency and inclusivity. Faced with the challenges of managing numerous school events and fundraising efforts, she sought a solution that would simplify processes and enhance participation. 

As president, Lindsay has been at the forefront of the PTO’s initiatives. Her leadership has resulted in increased engagement and brought about innovative solutions to traditional challenges. Lindsay’s dedication to leveraging technology for the PTO led her to explore Cheddar Up, a platform that promised to streamline financial transactions and event registrations.

Revolutionizing PTO Operations with Cheddar Up

The adoption of Cheddar Up was a game-changer for West Middle’s PTO. Lindsay and her team were able to move away from cumbersome paper permission slips and cash transactions, opting for a more streamlined, digital approach. This shift not only made it easier for parents to participate in events but also significantly reduced the administrative burden on PTO volunteers. From school dances to craft sales, Cheddar Up has become an indispensable tool for organizing successful events.

“We thought there has to be something easier that we can use than having kids and parents turning in money with so many places where it can get lost.”


Lindsay, President
West Middle

“For school socials, parents can sign their kids up and I just get the reports. It’s been really nice to use the reports and I don’t have to cut and paste names into a spreadsheet for when the kids check in.”


Lindsay, President
West Middle

A Signature Event: The Glow Night

Among the many events the PTO has hosted, the Glow Party stands out as a highlight of Lindsay’s tenure. Featuring a DJ, neon decorations, and activities like basketball, volleyball, and various hallway games, this September event drew an unprecedented turnout. This event showcased Cheddar Up’s capabilities, from managing ticket sales to ensuring the sold-out event did not exceed capacity. The platform’s flexibility allowed for additional spots to be opened up, accommodating the overwhelming interest from the student body. Lindsay’s innovative use of Cheddar Up at this event not only resulted in a memorable experience for attendees but also demonstrated the PTO’s potential to support large-scale school functions.

Community Response

The response from the West Middle community to the implementation of Cheddar Up has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have praised the platform for its user-friendliness and convenience, while volunteers appreciate the efficiency and clarity it brings to event management. Lindsay’s forward-thinking approach has not only enhanced the PTO’s operations but has also set a new standard for parental involvement and community engagement at West Middle.

“We’re trying to conserve paper throughout the school system, so in the past when we had paper permission slips, parents had to print them out themselves. Now they can just click on the link and go right into the event and read what it’s about and add emergency contact information and sign a waiver.  All of that being in one place in addition to the payments has made it a lot easier.”


Lindsay, President
West Middle

Looking to the Future

As Lindsay looks to the future, she remains committed to exploring new ways to utilize Cheddar Up to benefit the school community. Her vision for the PTO is one of continuous improvement and innovation, with Cheddar Up playing a key role in achieving these goals.

In Her Own Words

When asked about her favorite aspect of leading the PTO, Lindsay reflects on the joy of making a difference in the lives of students and staff. “Just being able to do things for the kids and the teachers and staff.  I was a middle school teacher myself for 10 years and so I have both perspectives as a parent and as a teacher and I just know how nice it is to be able to do things for the teachers.  And for the students, I just remember being in middle school myself, how fun the dances and things like that were and it’s just nice to be able to provide that for them” she says. Through her dedication and the power of Cheddar Up, Lindsay Jensen is doing just that—fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and engaged school community.

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