Top 20 Gift Card Ideas for Teachers

Teachers love gift cards. (We asked! They answered.) The options may feel a little endless, though — how do you choose? While our No. 1 suggestion is to survey your teachers about their favorite things, sometimes you’re in a pinch. (Here’s an example questionnaire if you’re not.) 

Here’s a categorized list of 20 gift card ideas as your guide. They’re the top gifts we’ve seen from schools on Cheddar Up, sprinkled with few ideas straight from teacher friends of our own.

20 gift card ideas

Choose their own adventure

1. Head to RaiseRight

Let your teacher(s) choose from the 500+ brands offered on RaiseRight. They get a gift card they’ll use, and your school earns cash back on each purchase. Win, win!

Buy almost anything

2. Cash card (Visa, Am Ex)

3. Amazon

4. Target

Support local

5. Boutiques

6. Restaurants

7. Bookshops

8. Family memberships (to the zoo, science center, botanical garden, museum and more)

Grant them “me time”

9. Spa

10. Nordstrom

11. Movie theater

12. Streaming service

13. Craft stores

14. Etsy

15. Barnes and Noble


Cover their essentials

16. Groceries

17. Gas

18. Starbucks

Supply the classroom

19. Teacher supply store  (Lakeshore Learning, Oriental Trading, etc)

20. Teachers Pay Teachers

In short, before you go

Gift cards for teachers are the way to go! Pick from our list of tried and true options. One quick word of warning, though: If your PTA takes responsibility for teacher gifts, check your bylaws first. Most don’t allow existing funds to go toward personal gifts. You will have to raise money separately and disclose the purpose.

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