Top 20 Gift Card Ideas for Teachers

Teachers love gift cards. (We asked!) The options may feel a little endless — how do you choose? While our No. 1 suggestion is to survey your teachers about their favorite things, sometimes you’re in a pinch. (Here’s an example questionnaire if you’re not.) 

Here’s a categorized list of 20 gift card ideas as your guide. They’re the top gifts we’ve seen from schools on Cheddar Up, sprinkled with few ideas straight from teacher friends of our own.

20 teacher gift card ideas

Choose their own adventure

1. Head to the gift card store

Let teachers pick what they like with the Cheddar Up gift card store, offering over 100 brand choices. They get a gift card they’ll use, and your life is made easier with direct withdrawals to the gift card store (no more late-night runs to the store!).

Buy almost anything

2. Cash Cards:

With Visa or American Express cards, teachers can buy anything from essentials to treats.

3. Amazon:

A gateway to a world of choices, this gift card opens doors to books, technology, classroom supplies, and much more, catering to every teacher’s unique needs and interests.

4. Target:

This gift card is a ticket to a diverse range of products, from stylish apparel to home goods, electronics, and classroom essentials, offering both quality and convenience.

Support local

5. Boutique Stores:

Gift cards to local boutiques offer a personal and unique shopping experience.

6. Favorite Restaurants:

A meal at a beloved local restaurant is a thoughtful treat.

7. Independent Bookshops:

For the avid reader, a card from a local bookstore is a literary delight.

8. Family Outings:

Memberships to local attractions like zoos or museums are gifts that keep giving.


Grant them “me time”

9. Spa:

A spa gift card is an invitation to unwind and relax.

10. Nordstrom:

For those who appreciate fashion and quality, Nordstrom is an excellent choice.

11. Movie theater:

A night out at the movies is a classic way to relax.

12. Streaming service:

Gift cards for Netflix or Hulu are perfect for teachers who enjoy watching series or movies.

13. Arts & crafts:

A night out at the movies is a classic way to relax.

14. Etsy:

An Etsy gift card offers access to handmade and unique items.

15. Reading retreat:

Barnes and Noble gift cards are perfect for stocking up on new reads.


Cover their essentials

16. Groceries:

Practical and always useful, grocery store gift cards are thoughtful and appreciated.

17. Fueling Up:

Gas station cards help with commuting costs.

18. Coffee Lovers:

Starbucks cards are a treat for coffee enthusiasts.

Supply the classroom

19. Educational Supplies:

Stores like Lakeshore Learning provide valuable resources for classrooms.

This platform is a treasure trove of innovative educational materials created by teachers.

Choosing the right gift card for a teacher is a way to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment, daily essentials, or enhancing their classroom, these 20 gift card options offer thoughtful and meaningful ways to express gratitude and appreciation to educators.

However, a word of caution: if your PTA is responsible for organizing teacher gifts, be sure to review your bylaws first. Most PTA regulations do not permit using existing funds for personal gifts. Any fundraising for teacher gifts must be conducted separately and with full transparency regarding its purpose.

The Smart Way to Group Gift: Why Choose Cheddar Up

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